‘Vanderpump Rules’: Lala Kent’s Boyfriend Declares His Love, But Is He Married?

Lala Kent may be facing allegations of dating a married man, but that hasn’t stopped the Vanderpump Rules star from flaunting her relationship online.

As rumors regarding her possible involvement with Randal Emmett continue to swirl, Lala Kent took to her Instagram page, where she revealed that her “king” recently proclaimed his love for her with several chocolate-covered strawberries.

“I love you way more. Thanks for saving me 9 strawberries, baby,” Lala Kent wrote in the caption of the photo below, adding the hashtags #ilovehim, #boss, and #king.

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Lala Kent didn’t reveal any details regarding who it was who had purchased the strawberries for her, nor was her mystery man seen in the photo.

While Lala Kent and her relationship have been at the forefront of Vanderpump Rules Season 5, the reality star and actress has yet to reveal who her boyfriend actually is. As her co-stars — including Stassi Schroeder, Scheana Marie, and Jax Taylor — claimed her boyfriend is married, Lala Kent insisted that is not the case. Most recently, she took to Twitter, where she expressed her frustration with the ongoing rumor.

“My love life is between me and my man,” she wrote. “No1 else. No1 will ever kno the ins&outs of my relationship bc I don’t owe that to you. I hold my relationships and friendships close to my heart. That’s all there is to say. Move on from the f***ing married man thing. It didn’t happen. I know y’all wish it did. But ahead, you don’t know s**t.”

Lala Kent also told her fans and followers that they would never get the answers they are looking for when it comes to her relationship.

At the end of last year, around the time that both Stassi Schroeder and Kristen Doute mentioned a man named Randall on Twitter, a report by All About the Real Housewives suggested that Randall Emmett may be Lala Kent’s “sugar daddy.” According to the report, there have been numerous clues in regard to the alleged relationship, including a series of photos online.

As the outlet revealed, Lala Kent recently landed a role in the new Nicolas Cage movie, and ironically, Emmett is believed to be involved with the film in some way. In addition, Kent was rumored to have gotten the part in the film by sleeping with a producer.

Although the details surrounding Randall Emmett’s personal life are few and far between, All About the Real Housewives revealed that he is a 45-year-old married movie producer who has a daughter with wife Ambyr Childers.

Since last year, there hasn’t been much, if any, “proof” of Lala Kent’s alleged relationship with Emmett shared online, but there has been a couple of clues. After Lala Kent was seen in a photo with Emmett at a Los Angeles restaurant, he was reportedly seen wearing a bracelet in a photo identical to one worn by Kent’s boyfriend in a now-deleted post.

Lala Kent attends Junior Hollywood Radio and Television Society's 13th Annual Holiday Party
Lala Kent arrives at the Junior Hollywood Radio and Television Society's 13th Annual Holiday Party on December 9, 2015 [Image by Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images]

In other Lala Kent news, Scheana Shay and Ariana Madix discussed the possibility of Lala Kent attending the upcoming Vanderpump Rules reunion taping on The Tomorrow Show.

“I think she should be there,” Shay explained, according to a report by Too Fab on February 3. “I think she was a good addition to our show. She brought that Brandi Glanville aspect to it. It was just a spice that was brought to our show and I think it should stay.”

“On the reunion, they’re all gonna be asking me s**t about her, coming at me, asking me questions and I can’t answer for her,” added Madix.

To see more of Lala Kent and her co-stars, tune into Vanderpump Rules Season 5 on Monday nights at 9 p.m. on Bravo TV.

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