‘Bachelor’ Spoilers Week 6: Three Girls Leave Before Rose Ceremony In St. Thomas

The Bachelor Nick Viall is just six weeks away from handing out his final rose, and during Monday night’s episode (Week 6, February 6) he will break down in tears in St. Thomas when the over-the-top drama makes him wonder if any of the girls are there to find love.

Before the Episode 6 dates get underway, fans will see the conclusion of last week’s episode including the Corinne and Taylor date drama and the elimination of three more girls in New Orleans (details below). The remaining nine girls will then travel to St. Thomas where three more ladies will leave amidst some serious drama that will really get fans buzzing.

Who goes on dates this week, which girl shocks Nick with a confession about a hookup with his friend, and which three girls will leave the U.S. Virgin Islands broken-hearted? Get the latest spoilers below, and watch the preview video below for a sneak peek at tonight’s episode.

Warning: The Bachelor Season 21 spoilers ahead.


Last week’s episode ended with Taylor returning to talk to Nick after she is eliminated on the two-on-one date. According to ABC, while Corinne enjoys some alone time with Nick, Taylor surprises both of them and attempts to win Nick back by sharing negative information about Corinne. Unfortunately for Taylor, her tactics don’t work – he does not change his mind, and she leaves.

According to Reality Steve, once his date with Corinne is over, Nick will cancel the Week 5 cocktail party. He will move right to the rose ceremony and sends Alexis, Josephine, and Jaimi home. The remaining 13 ladies will pack their bags and travel from New Orleans to St. Thomas for the Week 6 dates where there will be no shortage of girl drama.

Bachelor Nick Viall and Corinne enjoy alone time
Nick and Corinne [Image by ABC Television Network]

Nick will go on three dates on Episode 6 — a one-on-one, a group date, and the second two-on-one of the season. There are roses up for grabs on all of the dates, and the competition will be at an all-time high this week — three girls will leave during the dates and Nick will cancel the rose ceremony.

One-on-one date: Kristina Schulman scores a day-long date with Nick. ABC teases that she will reveal some painful information about her past and Nick is moved by her backstory. Spoilers point to Kristina getting a rose.


Two-on-one date: Reality Steve‘s spoilers indicate that Danielle L. and Whitney will compete for a rose during this date, but it doesn’t end well for both girls. Nick reportedly sends Whitney home during the date and later in the show he sends Danielle home — something that may shock fans who thought she would make it far this season.

Group date: The video clip above will give fans a hint of what’s to come during the volleyball group date. Rachel, Corinne, Raven, Jasmine, Danielle M., and Vanessa will split into teams of three for a chance to win extra time with Nick, but spoilers point to Nick surprising the winners and losers with an invitation to the group date after party.

ABC reveals that the “ladies spiral out of control” and “one woman takes it too far at the after party.” Spoilers point to Nick pulling Jasmine Goode aside to tell her he’s sending her home and her reaction is a shocker. According to a previous report from the Inquisitr, Jasmine tells Nick she had sex with his friend before the show.

bachelor contestant jasmine goode elimination drama
'Bachelor' contestant Jasmine Goode [Image by ABC Television Network]

Because three girls are eliminated during the Week 6 dates (Danielle L., Whitney, and Jasmine), Reality Steve‘s spoilers indicate that Nick cancels the Week 6 rose ceremony.

He will leave St. Thomas and travel to the Bahamas with the remaining six girls — Kristina, Rachel, Corinne, Raven, Danielle M., and Vanessa — for an extremely important week. The final four girls who move on to the hometown dates episode will be revealed at the rose ceremony in the Bahamas (Episode 7, February 13).

Can’t wait to find out who scores a hometown date? A previous report from the Inquisitr has all of the details about this season’s hometowns.

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