Tons Of Celebrities Are In House! Watching Super Bowl In Chrissy Teigen Way

Watch superbowl the Chrissy Teigen way

Chrissy Teigen and her man John Legend were obviously enjoying the Super Bowl live at the NRG Stadium in Houston, Texas. Aside from being seated in the press box, Chrissy Teigen became the new buzz as she updated her followers with tweets from the popular championship game. Moreover, her snaps about food and well, basically live-tweeting the whole event was entertaining as she gives us a glimpse of the big game using the Chrissy Teigen way.

Food, food, and basically food

If you’re a celebrity like Chrissy Teigen, you get free access to these kinds of sporting events. But Chrissy Teigen wasn’t just there to watch the highly-anticipated football game, she’s also there for the food. Yep, her tweets started with food. At least that got us thinking to watch Super Bowl the Chrissy Teigen way.

Watch superbowl the Chrissy Teigen way

The 31-year-old-model posted a snapshot of what she’s chowing on while waiting for the match-up between the Atlanta Falcons and New England Patriots. In it was a plate of nachos and hot dog in a bun. Yum! Captioning the photo as “HD 1,” we had a guess that she would have been munching more sausages as the night wore on.

Another snap showed iced pretzels inside a glass with a caption, “WE HERE.” Don’t you just want to gobble that whole thing?

Teigen admitted that she was way too hard on the snacks last year. In one of her tweets, she mentioned throwing up “6 hot dogs before projectile vomiting last year.” Perhaps, she would be tamer for this year’s Super Bowl. Nevertheless, she’s a renowned foodie queen!

“I had such big jumbo plans but god da**it I love nachos,” she shared on Twitter.

Live updates by Chrissy Teigen

At the beginning of the game, Chrissy posted a video of her and John Legend sitting in their “box” and asking, “Where is everybody?”

The busty beauty also had her questions regarding football—can you hide the ball somewhere? She suggested hiding the ball “under your shirt or into your pants.” LOL!

She even defended Lady Gaga when a basher commented on her tweet that Lady Gaga’s performance was horrid. And Chrissy’s reply, “You said from your crusty la-z-boy.” Do not ever diss Lady Gaga when Teigen’s around.

As the game continues, we see video clips of Chrissy pretending to be a sports reporter and saying comments like, “the Patriots are making a comeback.” Indulging in mouth-watering hot dogs, drinks, and alcohol-influenced tweeting, Super Bowl has never been better in a Chrissy Teigen way.

We see the infamous nip slip

Live TV caught Chrissy Teigen’s wardrobe malfunction and deliberately exposing a nip slip. She decided to go braless and opt to wear a sheer black blouse with a keyhole top and tan duster jacket. A Twitter user zoomed in on the briefly exposed nip slip and tweeted it to Chrissy. She then responded, “boom goes the dynamite” which got nearly 5,000 retweets and over 24,000 favorites in the same amount of time.

She couldn’t care less about the nip slip. Not if you’re having fun at 2017 Super Bowl.

Early birds to the big event

Chrissy arrived at the Super Saturday Night Super Bowl event with hubby John Legend dressed like the stars they are. She wore a striking black and white monochrome mini dress baring her flawless legs, and black thigh-high boots. Meanwhile, the “Love Me Now” singer stood alongside her wearing an all-black ensemble with a biker jacket.

Watch superbowl the Chrissy Teigen way

The mother-of-one looked glam as her hair was slicked back in a high ponytail and putting on a smokey eye makeup. She finishes the look with a berry-colored lipstick.

[Featured Image by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]