Lady Gaga Super Bowl 2017 Performance Disappoints Fans Who Expected More

Lady Gaga Super Bowl 2017

The Lady Gaga Super Bowl 2017 performance was stunning for many of her fans. A lot of people believe that her performance was as exciting as the match between the New England Patriots and the Atlanta Falcons, which took a thrilling turn at the last moment. However, many Gaga fans were disappointed for a totally different reason. They wanted her to send a political message. But, the diva preferred it to be apolitical and focused on her performance only.

Many Lady Gaga fans wanted her to take a stand against Donald Trump and his various controversial policies. Since the Super Bowl was a huge occasion to reach a massive number of people, they expected that Gaga would go beyond her role as an entertainer and speak out on issues. Fans took it to Twitter and expressed themselves. Many of them went quite articulate about the issue. Some could not believe that she “didn’t perform swine while burning a picture of Donald Trump.”

Lady Gaga Super Bowl 2017

Many fans expected more from the Lady Gaga Super Bowl 2017 performance, and they were disappointed. The expectation was high much before the day of the highly-anticipated performance. The 30-year-old singer had 13 minutes to perform. If she wanted, she had enough time to raise her voice on socio-political issues. Even bookmakers started speculating that she might use the occasion and speak against the U.S. president.

No matter if the Lady Gaga Super Bowl 2017 performance was only about entertainment, Gaga has been an active supporter of gay rights. She went public last year to support Hillary Clinton against Trump in the U.S. presidential election. But, it does not end there. She also went public while taking a dig against the Republican presidential candidate who would later take up Barack Obama’s job at the White House. She called Trump “one of the most notorious bullies” she had ever come across. She slammed Melania Trump for speaking against bullying and called it “hypocrisy.”

Lady Gaga Super Bowl 2017

The probable controversy during Lady Gaga’s Super Bowl 2017 performance was immediately dismissed by her reps. Even NFL authorities said there was no such possibilities. NFL spokesperson Natalie Ravitz called it an “unsourced nonsense.” But, betting sites were paying more than double for putting money on the possibility that Lady Gaga would say either “president” or “Trump” during her Super Bowl 2017 performance.

Lady Gaga was, however, pretty sure about what she was going to do during her performance. When asked whether she would talk about Trump, she said she would not. She said she would not say “anything divisive,” Perez Hilton reported.

“This is my country and I’m proud to be a pop star from this country. I’ve traveled the whole world and it’s something special to be from America. I want people that watch the halftime show to feel the greatness of the USA.”

Many Lady Gaga fans were, nevertheless, disappointed that she missed the opportunity to talk about certain issues. “I can’t believe that Lady Gaga didn’t her platform to call Trump a cheeto with little hands,” one fan wrote. “I’m surprised that Gaga didn’t say anything about Trump,” said another.

While many of her fans are disappointed, some of them believe Gaga did send a message, though. However, the message was so subtle that not everyone got it. One notable name among those is Hillary Clinton. Those who believe she did send a political message are referring to her choice of songs. She performed “Born This Way,” with words like “I’m beautiful in my way/ ‘Cause God makes no mistakes/ I’m on the right track, baby I was born this way.”

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