'Mass Effect: Andromeda': Sidequests Will Be 'Meaningful,' BioWare Confirms

Bryan Star

Mass Effect: Andromeda is on its way to consoles next month, and fans are in for some changes.

You've saved the world multiple times over. You've faced off against a multitude of different enemies, forged friendship and love between crew members, and explored the vastness of space in search of resources and new experiences. If you think you've seen it all, Andromeda is closing one book and opening another in response.

Mass Effect: Andromeda is the story of a new main character: Scott and Sara Ryder, depending on whom the player chooses, will take on the role of your new commander. As such, players will be exposed to a new main story. Of course, what's a great RPG without side quests? Players are usually sent to fetch an item, destroy an enemy, or gain a new item that will serve some small purpose until circling back into the main story. It's to be expected, and it can become tedious if you're looking to reach the end of the main story with little interruption.

Producer Fabrice Condominas spoke to PC Gamer about their efforts in making side quests shine. In the report, Fabrice makes mention of The Witcher III, a title by CD Projekt Red. If you've played the game, then it's no secret that Geralt's exploration outside of the game's main road is just as exciting and engaging as the main plot's progression. Every action had a consequence, and Geralt was bound to change the game by making certain decisions and changing the world around him.

Another game that takes side quests seriously is Dragon Age: Inquisition. Another title by BioWare, this game's additional quests are long and consist of a string of seemingly endless quests.

Condominas had this to say in regards to Dragon Age, more specifically the feedback that was given in regard to one of the game's areas and its side quests.

"We are approaching the completionist aspect very differently, because we've done and learned a lot from Inquisition," Fabrice began. "But we've also observed what other games have been doing, like The Witcher. And it was very important for us that the quantity of scope doesn't downgrade the quality of whatever you are doing there."

A report by Games Radar shows the protagonist, Sara Ryder, wearing the N7 space suit. If this is any indication, Andromeda will pay homage to former installments in some ways. We don't know if she or Scott will be anything like Shepard, but we can certainly hope that dialogue and interaction will remain as intriguing and explosive as Shepard's with the crew of the Normandy.

Ultimately, time will tell if the new formula from BioWare on side quests will be successful or not. The game is set to be released to consoles on March 21 of this year.

How do you feel about Mass Effect: Andromeda so far? Do you think that the game will surpass previous installments in popularity? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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