EXO’s Suho’s Drama ‘Star In The Universe’ Faces Backlash From Kpop Fans

EXO’s Suho is currently starring in a drama called Star In The Universe, but it’s currently receiving lots of backlash from kpop fans right now.

The reason behind all of this negative press is the way that the characters talk about kpop fans, All Kpop reports, particularly fans who are girls.

The plot of the drama revolves around the romance between a top Korean entertainer and a fan. In a recently released clip from Episode 12, there’s a conversation between the star and his management which disparages female fans by calling them ATMs and implying that they are easy sexual conquests.

Here’s the conversation between another singer, his manager and the CEO of the main character’s agency, as translated by All Kpop.

Manager: What.. How can a person date an ATM?

CEO: Right?

Singer: He played hard to get but it seems like he as low standards. But I mean, she must’ve been easy to get since she’s a fangirl. She’s dumb and she gives all without holding back. She’ll also sleep with you if you ask.

This is obviously offensive to female kpop fans who feel like their love for idols is being denigrated in the show.

However, some people have claimed that the scene actually portrays some truth about the relationship between idols and fans.

“What was said in this scene might have hurt the fans but it’s not like it’s totally false. It’s quite accurate in some case to be honest,” one commenter said online.


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On Twitter, there were also people who agreed with the dialogue in the clip.

As All Kpop reported, this isn’t the first time that Suho’s drama has been in hot water with EXO fans. In November, producers had to apologize to the fans for making them work on the set of the drama without payment.

“The responsibility of the drama set is on me, therefore, I want to sincerely apologize to the fans of actor Kim Joon Myun (Suho).” Kim Kim Ji Hyun, producer of Star In The Universe wrote on her Instagram after fans complained about their mistreatment. “I apologize for the actions and behaviors of the staff members in our team.

According to All Kpop, EXO fans, also known as EXO-Ls, were invited to participate in a group scene, but were forced to stay overnight in very cold weather. They also complained that the staff on the production was rude and hostile towards them.

But Suho fans got a great gift from their idol recently when the EXO member dropped a new single called “Curtain.”

According to Billboard, “Curtain” was released as part of SM Entertainment’s SM Station project. Starting in February 2016, SM Station released a new single each week that represented a departure from their usual K-pop sound and introduced new music genres like EDM and neo-soul.

The video for he song stars Suho and and actress Kang Sora. According to Soompi, the song is a collaboration between Suho and jazz jazz pianist Song Young Joo. In the video, he plays a man travels in time to see a long lost love.

[Featured Image by Ahn Young-joon/AP Images]