UFO News: Unidentified Craft Drops Several ‘Mini Orbs’ Over Skies In Mexico

UFO news out of Mexico is that some sort of ship split off into as many as six unexplained orbs that floated briefly over the Colima region of the Mexican skyline.

Footage of the strange UFO event in Colima is making news around the internet today and according to the Mirror, it has paranormal experts struggling to answer what exactly is happening in the video.

Unlike most UFO news cases, however, none of the so-called experts have been able to even postulate a theory as to what the strange video shows.

“What this woman has captured here is nothing short of amazing,” said the UFO expert and SecureTeam10 member identified only as Tyler, as documented by the Mirror. “What we have here is something I really can’t explain.”

SecureTeam10 was given the footage for analysis, as the UFO expert group has a reputation — and a YouTube channel — in which it provides analysis while also trying to debunk footage that is postulated to be paranormal in nature.

UFO news that has absolutely no discernible alternative explanation, however, it is extremely rare to come by.

Experts have been quick to point out the manner in which the UFO inexplicably divides and splits into a half-dozen equally-spaced objects that seem to float in coordination is strange at best.

This jaw-dropping observation is so strange, in fact, that most experts seem certain it cannot be any of the usual explanations that are usually found in such UFO cases. Seemingly, the UFO craft’s ability to release a number of other secondary pieces that also move in triangular formations with one another is just head-scratching.

“[The image of the objects divided] certainly debunks the notion that this is a balloon, a drone or an airliner,” noted Tyler. “[Or] anything like that because none of them do what this object just did.”

In that respect, the UFO news out of Colima is truly unique.

UFO News: Aircraft Model
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What is in no way unique, however, are the numerous claims of UFOs that seem to center around this area of western-central Mexico. In fact, it seems that the volcano in this region has been attracting unidentified crafts “since ancient times.”

UFO Sightings Daily, for example, recently documented a UFO flying directly over the Colima volcano in a strange, inexplicable manner.

“UFOs are a common thing in the sky of Mexico and have been since ancient times,” noted the famous UFO website, observing one particular unexplained phenomena that it noted was “very big, about the size of a 727 compared with the width of the mouth of the volcano… There are no wings, no strings, no jet trail… It is probably headed from or to the mouth of the volcano.”

The conclusion that these and other UFO sightings in Mexico — and, for that matter, worldwide — are legitimately inexplicable. However, is not the view taken by all experts in the field.

Former NASA engineer James Oberg, for example, has spent much time documenting and trying to debunk claims of UFOs in the sky and aliens from other planets visiting Earth.

Most UFO news, Oberg noted on his personal website, is little more than “space dandruff” or an inability of our minds to accurately perceive what space travel actually encompasses.

“I’ve had enough experience with real spaceflight to realize that what’s being seen in many videos is nothing beyond the ‘norm’,” noted the scientist, who explained that most UFO eyewitness accounts can be explained away as “fully mundane phenomena occurring in unearthly settings.”

UFO News: Aliens in a Parade
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Of course, the former NASA researcher’s claim, while logical, does little to dismiss videos such as the one from Colima that can clearly be seen.

In that respect, UFO news and speculation will likely continue to keep human beings fascinated for centuries. Or at least until the answer that may be out there is finally found.

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