Trump’s Long And Real Hair Secret? Propecia Hair-Growth Drug, Says His Doctor

President Donald Trump has long been known for his signature hair and hairstyle. Now the public is learning more about how Mr. Trump gets his real hair to grow so long, thanks to Propecia. President Trump takes Propecia for hair growth, according to Mr. Trump’s longtime doctor, Dr. Harold N. Bornstein. According to the New York Times, Dr. Bornstein also reported that Mr. Trump takes medications other than Propecia for his overall health. There are drugs to help alleviate rosacea, as well as Mr. Trump’s statins taken to control blood cholesterol and lipids.

Dr. Bornstein also noted that Mr. Trump takes a baby aspirin each day in order to lessen the risk of a heart attack, like plenty of other Americans. But it’s the Propecia drug taken by President Trump that seems to be getting the most attention online. With Mr. Trump being a 70-year-old with a healthy head of long hair, the fact that it has been revealed that Propecia helps Mr. Trump keep his hair vibrant is bringing plenty of buzz to social media.

Trump hair growth
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Although the White House would not confirm or deny whether or not President Trump actually takes Propecia — or if Mr. Trump ever took Propecia — or say if Dr. Bornstein is still Mr. Trump’s doctor, the Propecia hair growth tip is getting plenty of feedback online. Propecia is being blamed for the extremely low level Mr. Trump has of prostate-specific antigen, or PSA. Finasteride causes a low PSA level, which is used as an indicator for prostate cancer. Finasteride is known by the name Propecia — and Mr. Trump takes a small dose of Propecia for male pattern baldness. Dr. Bornstein admitted that he, too, in addition to Mr. Trump, takes Propecia, giving it credit for his own shoulder-length hair as well as Mr. Trump’s hair.

“[President Trump] has all his hair. I have all my hair.”

Dr. Bornstein has acted as a doctor to President Trump for decades since 1980. The publication reported that Dr. Bornstein said no one from the White House requested Mr. Trump’s medical records.

Trump hair growth drug
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The details spilled by the doctor about Mr. Trump taking Propecia and other drugs are more information than what was initially offered when President Trump was called “the healthiest individual ever elected to the presidency.” However, in follow-up reports, Dr. Bornstein spilled details about Mr. Trump’s height and weight — a 6-foot 3-inch frame carrying 236 pounds. That information gave Dr. Oz a chance to talk to Mr. Trump about his weight. Mr. Trump’s PSA level of 0.15 caused alarm, but gave Dr. Bornstein a chance to clear up the fact that the low PSA level was caused by Propecia.

According to Fox 61, women — especially those of child-bearing age — shouldn’t take Propecia or even touch Propecia.

Some of the feedback being published to social media about Mr. Trump reportedly taking Propecia can be read below. Certain people are publishing the side effects of Propecia upon learning that President Trump allegedly takes it.

“Why did Trump’s doctor fail to disclose Trump was taking Propecia before the election?”

“You know what I don’t care about? Trump’s Propecia habit. I do care abt civil rights & the guy living down to my foreign policy expectations.”

Chris Hurst: “President Trump’s doc tells the NY Times he’s on Propecia… makes sense but lots of guys get nasty side effects.”

“Guys, are we sure Trump takes Propecia for his hair?”

“Propecia + anti-psychotic drugs=crazy Trump.”

: “Too much Propecia and orange spray on tan makes trump a grumpy boy LOL .”

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