Beyonce’s Instagram Twin Pregnancy News: IVF Twins? Will Fans Claim It’s Fake?

Beyonce just turned to Instagram to announce blessed news about the singer and Jay-Z having twins. As seen in the below Instagram post from “Bey,” Beyonce and Jay-Z announced that they are adding to their family with twin babies. The fact that Beyonce announced that she is pregnant with twins has the #Beyonce hashtag going crazy with viral posts online and has folks wondering if Beyoncé used IVF treatments to get pregnant with twins. It is not known if Beyoncé and Jay-Z have twins on either side of their families.

The news about Beyonce’s upcoming twins comes as a sweet surprise for fans who’ve been waiting for the singer and Jay-Z to add to their family. Beyonce had previously expressed her heartbreak over losing a child to miscarriage in the lyrics of one of her “Lemonade” songs. Beyonce sang about being the mother to Jay-Z’s children — both living and dead — prior to this new pregnancy announcement from Beyonce via Instagram about twins.

Beyonce also faced plenty of scrutiny during her pregnancy with Blue Ivy, with some conspiracy theorists claiming that Beyonce wasn’t pregnant at all. They closely watched videos that claimed Beyonce was wearing a fake pregnancy belly. Beyonce eventually shared a video of her bare pregnant belly, just like the former Destiny’s Child member did on Instagram with this latest photo of her pregnant belly. Whether that photo of a pregnant Beyonce belly carrying twins will silence the naysayers this time remains to be seen.

Beyonce did not share her due date for the impending birth of her healthy twin babies, nor did she reveal the sex of the twins. As twins go, Beyonce could be carrying identical twin girls, fraternal twin girls, identical twin boys, fraternal twin boys or a twin boy and his twin sister. What is certain is that photographers will be hot on the trail of getting the first photos of Beyoncé and her newborn twins and photos before her twins are born.

Folks are going so wild over Beyonce and her twins online that someone even messaged the White House about the news regarding the singer and her twins.

With Kim Kardashian and Beyonce’s changing relationship, it’s not known how Kim will be a part of the pregnancy. However, after trying to have a second child for some time with husband Kanye west, Kim famously gave birth to son Saint West.

Some of the responses to Beyonce’s news about being pregnant with twins can be read below.

danijelaxto: “So much love and blessings to you!!”

aguilarliz14@yvette.aguirre: “good for them!”

thecaribbeanxx: “CONGRATULATIONS QUEEN!!”

obakitch: “That is awesome!!!”

_shandor33_: “Omg.”

nyamalwiyual: “Wuuuuuut”

chen_jiazhuo: “God bless Bee.”

emflemox@beyonce: “Congrats.!! Welcome to the twin club.”

tamahrahdemoda: “That’s amazing and a blessing! Congrats Mrs. Carter.”

iamdmrvlr: “Congrats!”

mrigotus: “Lol Hov funny as af.”

reptiliaa: “Congratulations.”

jaxonmace: “So happy for you Queen.”

luh_vicentini: “My heeaarrtt.”

derrick2good: “Omg congrats!!! I am excited.”

jessnichans28: “Lmao wth is this picture?!”

emiliacotter@shanwalks: “She’s finally giving birth to me and you!!!”

oge_licious: “OMG!!!! Beyonce is having twins….”

legit_lexii@baby_face_ayesha: “It is true?”

Many people offered their congratulations to the singer and her husband, Jay-Z, as soon as they read the news about Beyonce’s pregnancy with twins. Some wondered if the announcement was the real deal. Thousands of comments flowed into Beyonce’s Instagram post in the wake of the pregnancy news about her pregnancy with twins.

As seen in the image at the top of his article, Blue Ivy, Jay Z, and Beyonce were all onstage together at the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards.

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