Kylie Jenner Continues Dominating Social Media With Sexy Posts

Kylie Jenner continues to uphold her strong social media presence courtesy of her constant sexy posts, thus keeping her fans entertained.

Kylie is undoubtedly not shy about posing for the camera with as little clothing as possible and posting such photos on her Instagram, Snapchat or Twitter. However, it looks like the 19-year-old does not just pose such photos for the sake of entertaining her followers. The young member of the Jenner-Kardashian clan strategically uses social media to market her merchandise.

Kylie’s marketing strategy on social media

A simple look at Kylie’s social media posts probably makes some of her fans dismiss her as just a girl using fame to gather likes on social media. However, it goes deeper than that. The 19-year-old’s raunchy posts have a business value attached to them because she always dresses in her merchandise. In short, she has been using social media as platforms to market her products. For example, she recently posted photos of herself while clad in sexy pink lingerie which was branded “Thick” and added the caption “Kylie Shop” on top of her post. She also flashed a white bra underneath a white T-shirt in another photo.


The teenager has an online shop where she sells her merchandise

Kylie has proved to be quite resourceful when it comes to business and taking advantage of various factors such as the fact that her family is very famous. This has brought her a lot of success especially through her e-commerce website where she sells merchandise. The celebrity status held by the family means she is able to attract a lot of attention and a lot of fans so she uses this as an opportunity to make money. She also does it with so much ease and while still having fun.


She also gets to slash a lot of costs that would have otherwise been used to advertise her merchandise. Kylie commands a strong following on social media which makes it easy for her to reach out to her customers. Most celebrities make money through social media by advertising content for companies but in Jenner’s case, she also uses it to market her merchandise. Products from her online shop range from thongs, t-shirts, caps, phone cases and more. Her Kardashian sisters including Kim Kardashian also employ the same business strategy.

Kylie Jenner boob show
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This business model seems to be working very well for the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star judging by the success that she has acquired over the past two years. The fact that Kylie also has very impressive curves also works very well to her advantage. However, it has not always been an easy ride. She constantly receives criticism from fans claiming that her curves are the result of cosmetic surgery and implants.

Despite the negative criticism, the 19-year-old manages to keep her head high and continues doing what she does best. After all, someone once said that “no publicity is bad publicity.” To put things into perspective, Kylie has 14,500 followers on Twitter which is just enough to keep things interesting. However, she totally crushes it on Instagram with 84.8 million followers which are more than the followers that some heads of state in the world command. Those might be too many followers for one person but she knows exactly how to use those numbers to her advantage.

Kylie Jenner boob show
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It is clear that Kylie brings down the house as far as sex appeal is concerned and she has the assets and curves to play in the big leagues just like her sister. Kylie has already secured a strong business foundation thanks to the sexy photos that she posts on social media.

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