Piers Morgan, Owen Jones Engage In Word War Over Trump Protests In Britain

Piers Morgan and journalist Owen Jones just engaged in a war of words over Donald Trump protests held in Britain on the TV show Good Morning Britain, as reported by Huffington Post UK.

When Owen Jones was called on to speak, he defended the marches as something that were done in the name of “solidarity” for the sake of those affected by Donald Trump’s immigration and refugee ban. Jones added that he organized the marches in order to pressure Theresa May into standing up to Trump and to make it absolutely clear that the UK government doesn’t agree with his immigration policies.

The TV interview turned awkward when the host of the show Piers Morgan criticized the anti-Trump protests by calling it an act of hypocrisy.

“My issue is the hypocrisy of banning Donald Trump,” said Mr. Morgan, “removing his audience with the Queen…given that year after year we’ve rolled out the red carpet for politically expedient reasons for Vladimir Putin, for King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia….with shocking records of human rights.”

“Where were the mass marches?” Mr. Morgan asked.

Owen Jones didn’t take the criticism lying down as he hit back at Morgan telling him that he could’ve used Google first before he used the “hypocrisy” card.

“This is unfortunate, you could have Google’d this before you came on. I lead the protests,” said Mr. Jones.

As reported by Daily Caller, Piers Morgan drew outrage for criticizing the Women’s March that brought thousands of British citizens in the streets to protest Donald Trump’s inauguration.

But Morgan pressed on the attack by criticizing the “mass amounts of people” who “shout and scream about everything they don’t agree with.” He also pointed out that the anti-Trump protests were the result of mass hysteria, and that people have no business complaining about a leader who was fairly elected through a legitimate democratic process.

“It was a proud British protest, you just said where were those protests’ and now I’ve said I led a protest and now you’re saying you don’t see the point in doing it,” Owen said.

Piers Morgan and Owen Jones weren’t done with each other after the show, as they continued their spar over on Twitter.

Morgan started by asking Jones if he can show him photos of the Saudi march he claimed to have organized himself.

Jones responded to Morgan’s challenge by asking him to share on his feed a YouTube video that proves without any shadow of a doubt that he took part in such protests, suggesting that he should do so on account of his “sudden conversion to the cause of opposing Saudi human rights violations.”

Morgan, however, wasn’t letting up, as he said that he can’t find any reference to a British march against Saudi Arabia that Owen led.

Jones, once again, managed to shut him down by tweeting him an article about a protest made outside the Saudi embassy back in 2007.

Mr. Morgan then turned the debate into a numbers game.

Owen Jones got back at Morgan with a pretty insightful response.

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[Featured Image by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images]