‘Southern Charm’ Kathryn Dennis Says She’s Back, Better Than Ever For Season 4

Season 4 of Southern Charm is just about ready to drop, and fans of the show are wondering how star Kathryn Dennis will make her way through the Charleston drama. But while last season was dramatic and traumatic for Dennis, she now believes that the best thing that she can be is herself, unfiltered.

One of the big decisions that Kathryn Dennis of Southern Charm made over the last year was to emphatically make a final break with ex and baby daddy Thomas Ravenel, says the Inquisitr. Kathryn and Thomas, who were on-again, off-again for almost four years, are off for good, according to Dennis, who, even despite their 30-year age difference, says she has outgrown Ravenel, who, in his mid 50s, still enjoys his time at Charleston’s college bars. Kathryn Dennis says she is moving on, putting her children, Kensie and Saint, first, and wants to do what she can to work together with Ravenel for the best of their children.


Southern Charm Kathryn Dennis believes that her fans will be pleased to see how she has bounced back after last season, which included a harsh three-part reunion with attacks from all sides for partying behavior. But with Reality Tea, Kathryn broke her silence, saying that she has learned a lot about life and herself in the last year.


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Kathryn Dennis says her goal for the new season of Southern Charm, which will air this spring, is to do her best to get the most out of the cards she was dealt.

“You don’t have a right to the cards you believe you should have been dealt. You have an idea obligation to play the hell out of the ones you’ve been holding.”

While she says her children with Ravenel, Kensie and Saint, are helping her make the most out of her life, she says that her time with Thomas Ravenel was a wild ride she will never go on again.

“The years I spent with Thomas felt like riding on the worst rollercoaster imaginable, with no idea how to get off.”

But she was able to escape, but nearly lost everything. The last year has been a rebuilding year for Kathryn, and she is eager to return to Southern Charm to show her fans that no matter how rough things get, you can move on.


But while Kathryn Dennis is doing her best to look forward, moving on from Season 3 of Southern Charm, Thomas Ravenel prefers to talk about what has happened before. Reality Tea said that Ravenel is blaming fame from Southern Charm going to Kathryn’s head as the reason their relationship failed (RT is suggesting that the pot should meet the kettle). It is curious that someone talking about others embracing and being changed by fame would seek press, talking about seeking media attention.

Over the last week, Ravenel and “friend” of Southern Charm cast member Jennifer Snowden have made headlines talking about Kathryn, rather than sharing what is going on in their lives. Ravenel wants to talk about last season, while Snowden wants to do an autopsy on what happened to their former friendship, and how Kathryn is to blame for tanking it.


But Ravenel has done this after the shooting of each season, calling out Bravo for ruining his life and claiming that he is quitting. Ravenel has become known for “Tweeting and Deleting,” often late at night. Last week, Ravenel posted an old photo of Kathryn, claiming that all was well until the Bravo cameras rolled into town.

“The spring of 2014 everything was thumbs up. Bravo cameras arrived in July and everything went downhill fast.”

Are you looking forward to Season 4 of Southern Charm? Do you think Kathryn Dennis will prevail?

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