‘Prison Break’ Season 5 Spoilers: Ending To Set Up Season 6

Prison Break Season 5 is still several months away, but fans are already entertaining the idea of a Season 6 renewal, which is not confirmed at the moment.

However, if FOX gives the green light to a new season, the writers are as ready as the fans. In fact, they recently revealed on Twitter that they ended the nine-episode revival series in such a way that it ties the necessary loose ends while also presenting possible new stories to tell.

Prison Break writers are always asked about the show getting more episodes. While it is not up to them, they always reiterate their commitment to continue Michael Scofield’s (Wentworth Miller) story beyond the nine installments they prepared for his small-screen comeback.

The return of the show, which ended back in 2009, is described as a limited series. It was always simply meant to be a one-shot project born out of the reunion of Miller and Dominic Purcell, who plays Michael’s brother, Lincoln Burrows, on the CW superhero hit The Flash.

A promotional still from ‘Prison Break’ Season 5 featuring Michael and Lincoln [Image by FOX]

Back in August of last year, the writers said that Prison Break creator Paul Scheuring “has no current plan for another season,” but they also said that this does not necessarily mean there won’t be one. Either way, it appears that they have something up their sleeve should FOX decide to give the show another run.

Ultimately, the odds of a new season of Prison Break will depend on how fans will receive the revival. This is also what Miller emphasized in an interview with Digital Spy, although he presented another factor that could influence the chances of a Season 6 renewal.

“Depending on how it’s received, and who’s available, there could be another conversation about another bite of the apple.”

Looking at the reaction towards the previews so far, Prison Break Season 5 has a massive chance to live to see another season. Based on the trailers alone, the excitement about the show’s return appears to be quite enormous.

In fact, it was revealed that the first trailer that Prison Break is 20 times more anticipated than any other upcoming and new shows. This is according to ListenFirst Media co-CEO and co-founder Jason Klein, who detailed the statistics to Variety.

“The numbers show that Prison Break’s return to air is met with fervor from fans who have been missing the show for years.”

The second Prison Break Season 5 trailer (embedded below) released a couple of weeks ago also broke FOX’s viewing records and has earned more than 50 million organic views on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube combined. There were already 42 million views in the first 24-hour period, which suggests the hype really is there.

With regards to what Prison Break Season 5 has in store, the writers also had something to say about what to expect of Michael and the characters, both old and new.

It is being heavily hinted that after Michael’s supposed “death,” he will come back a very different man. This is what the writers also teased in a new tweet.

Scheuring and executive producer Vaun Wilmott also tease on Twitter that the Michael fans will see in Prison Break Season 5 will not be the same as the one they saw seven years ago.

On Twitter, the former mused, “If that is in fact ‘Michael,'” when the latter shared a photo of Miller.

The trailer even drops a clue about it as it sees the character recall his death seven years ago as if it actually happened. While he did not literally die, it looks like a part of him did.

Miller did hint in the aforementioned interview that Michael is no longer just a hero come the revival series, but “a few other things as well.”

“I think the fans will get a kick out of it.”

With regard to the Prison Break Season 5 cast, the writers take pride in having a “diverse” one as the unit is packed with “so many talented” Middle Eastern actors.

Prison Break Season 5 will pick up seven years after the events of the previous season. Michael is now in Yemen working for a terrorist group but was imprisoned for wanting to get out of it already.

Lincoln comes to his rescue after he learns from T-Bag (Robert Knepper), who is surprisingly a free man now, that his brother is not as dead as he always thought.

Prison Break Season 5 premieres Tuesday, April 4 on FOX.


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