‘Prison Break’ Fans Have ‘The Flash’ To Thank For Fox Reviving The Series

On May 15, 2009, Prison Break fans thought they had seen the last of Michael Scofield (played by Wentworth Miller) and Lincoln Borrows (played by Dominic Purcell).

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Fans of the Fox series were able to reminisce about how much they loved seeing Wentworth and Dominic as a pair when the two were cast with reoccurring roles in The Flash. Little did fans know at the time the reunion of Dominic and Wentworth in The Flash would offer them so much more than just a chance to reminisce.

As fans may recall, the series finale of Prison Break left everyone to believe Wentworth Miller’s character Michael Scofield had died in an explosion while saving Sara (played by Sarah Wayne Callies). Fans of the Fox series couldn’t have been happier when it was announced that nearly 10 years later they would get the chance to enjoy another season of the beloved Prison Break.

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Per Variety, Prison Break fans have a superhero series on the CW called The Flash to thank for the revival of the Fox series. At the Television Critics Association winter press tour Wednesday, Wentworth Miller revealed it was thanks to his and Dominic Purcell reunion during their roles in The Flash that ultimately sparked the interest in reviving Prison Break for another season.

“That is where Dom and I had our reunion,” Wentworth said talking about he and Dominic’s roles on The Flash.

“Suddenly we were back on set, discussing old times. And out of that conversation came the possibility of revisiting Prison Break.”

According to the executive producer and creator of the series – Paul T. Scheuring – the idea of reviving the Fox series advanced after he and Wentworth Miller met and discussed it.

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“Wentworth and Dominic talked, and then Wentworth and I had a sit down and reconvened after all the years,” Scheuring said. “We went to a North Hollywood cafe on a busy street and we kind of talked about what it might look like.”

When Paul and Miller left the restaurant, there was a vehicle that stopped in the middle of the street. According to Paul, several guys jumped out of the vehicle and recognized Miller as “the guy from Prison Break” and proceeded to want photos. According to Scheuring, the kind of hunger the men who jumped out of the car demonstrated for Prison Break is international.

Originally, the order for Season 5 of Prison Break was going to be 10 episodes. However, Season 5 was later cut down to nine episodes because of scheduling conflicts.

“We had 15 weeks, 16 weeks to shoot the whole thing,” Scheuring revealed. “At the end of the day, we just didn’t have enough time for 10 hours. So we conflated two of those episodes into one.”

Paul T. Scheuring believes the typical model for a television series – which includes a series having 22 episodes – tends to mean the episode contains a few filler episodes. Filler episodes do not usually add anything to the plot line of the series and are more for the benefit of the viewers than anything. Prison Break Season 5 is significantly shorter than a typical television series season, but it also doesn’t contain any filler episodes.

Season 5 of Prison Break is scheduled to premiere on April 4 of this year. If you haven’t see the official trailer for the Season 5 revival of Prison Break, you can check it out below.


Are you excited for the revival of Prison Break? Are you binging through the series in preparation of the new season? Share your thoughts on this revival with us in the comments section found below!

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