Jenelle Evans Custody Battle: Is Barbara Keeping Jace To Stay On ‘Teen Mom’ And Get Fame?

Jenelle Evans recently gave birth to her third child, a little baby girl, and she is the only child that Jenelle has full custody of as she lives with the girl’s father, David Eason. When Evans had her second son, Kaiser, with Nathan Griffith, she thought that she had found the one. But after he was caught cheating, Jenelle wanted out. She has since found love again, and she hopes that he’s the one for her. While Nathan keeps going back to court in hopes of getting more time with Kaiser, Jenelle’s biggest custody battle is with her own mother over her first-born son, Jace.

According to a new tweet, Jenelle Evans is now revealing that she filed documents back in January 2015 in hopes of getting her son back, but it has now been postponed until May. It is odd that her mother doesn’t want to cooperate in handing Jace over to his biological mother. And now, Teen Mom 2 stars are thinking that she may be keeping Jace for fame and financial reasons.

“About about Jace’s case… it has been continued again from Jan. Until May! Still haven’t seen the judge once since filing in 2015,” Jenelle Evans revealed on Twitter in regards to her custody case, where she’s trying to get Jace back into her primary care, to which one person speculated that Barbara was trying to keep Jace to stay relevant on Teen Mom 2.

“If you get Jace back will Babs be on show anymore? Might be her motive,” one person speculated in a tweet written to Jenelle Evans, to which Evans replied, “I’m happy you guys r seeing all this now but yes.”

It is interesting that Jenelle Evans is now hinting that Barbara may be using Jace to stay relevant on the show as she has made no effort to transfer Jace back to Jenelle, but does various things to stay in the spotlight, including filming a spinoff series.

“The only thing I want my son to worry about is being a kid #TeenMom2,” Jenelle later tweeted to her fans as the show was airing on MTV, to which one person replied, “I feel like he really just doesn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings with what he chooses.”

“Exactly! I let the problem exist between me and my mom and try not to throw him in the middle. My mom then does the opposite,” Jenelle replied back, to which another person added, “I think you should get him more for sure. He needs his mom. Barbara does a good job raising him but you’re still his mom. You’re clean and trying to do the best you can so it’s time for Jace to be with his mom.”

Just last week, Evans’ mother made headlines because she decided to speak out against the pregnancy that was partially revealed on Teen Mom 2. Of course, Evans gave birth to her baby girl last week, three days before her scheduled due date. In an interview with an MTV producer, Barbara revealed that she didn’t know why Jenelle hadn’t shared her pregnancy news with her. She speculated that perhaps her daughter was miserable with David Eason and didn’t want to have the baby. As it turns out, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Instead of being supportive, Evans’ mother revealed that she thought David was controlling Jenelle.

“I don’t understand why everyone thinks Jenelle Evans is being controlled. just let her be happy, Jesus! #PositiveChangesForHer,” another person pointed out, to which Jenelle Evans replied, “Just my mom thinks that she has no problems to speak upon so that’s all she has to say.”

What do you think of Jenelle Evans’ tweet that perhaps her mother is keeping Jace for financial reasons and possible fame?

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