Alexandre Bissonnette Facebook Photos: Quebec Shooter Liked Trump On Facebook, Trolled Refugees, ‘FemiNazis’ Online

Alexandre Bissonnette has been named as the lone suspect in the Quebec City mosque shooting, according to Reuters. Unlike previous reports that named up to two or three shooters, the Reuters report calls Alexandre the “lone wolf” suspect in the shooting at a Quebec City mosque during Sunday night prayers.

As a result of Bissonnette being named as the sole shooter in the attack that killed six people and caused injury to 17 others, folks online are hunting for clues in the terrorist attack via Alexandre’s online footprint and Facebook page. Also, plenty of people want to see Bissonnette’s photos. Alexandre is in custody, and Bissonnette’s motive in the attack has not been named for the rampage at the Centre Culturel Islamique de Quebec.

With Quebec City only experiencing two murders in 2015, the mass shooting by Bissonnette was rare for the Canadian city. As a result, people have saved as much as possible from the photos of Alexandre’s Facebook page, which is now missing from Facebook. As seen on the archive page of Alexandre’s Facebook page, some of Bissonnette’s likes on Facebook included Richard Dawkins, Mr. Bean, George W. Bush, John McCain, Pizza Hut, and Donald J. Trump. This, of course, does not necessarily mean that Bissonnette was a supporter of Mr. Trump, since nearly 20 million people like Mr. Trump’s account on Facebook.

As reported by Heavy, the Facebook photos of Alexandre show 27-year-old Bissonnette in a variety selfies that had been uploaded to Facebook. In one of the Facebook photos, Bissonnette appeared to be winking with one eye squinting closed in the photo, while another Facebook photo shows Alexandre on a horse. Another photo from Facebook shows Bissonnette staring piercingly at the camera while dressed in a blue sport coat with a pin on the lapel.

Another Facebook photo shows Bissonnette as a young boy, with a Canadian maple leaf patch on his arm next to what appears to a label that could read “Bataillon Des Services.” While some photos from the defunct Facebook page show Bissonnette dressed in blue sport coats, other photos show Alexandre in blue jeans and combat boots and a white T-shirt. One photo shows Alexandre holding a drink in a wine glass, while another Facebook photo shows Bissonnette smiling.

Bissonnette studied anthropology and political science. Bissonnette has attended Universite Laval in Quebec City since 2012.

Some of the comments being published online about Alexandre’s Facebook page can be read below, with some comments flowing into social media networks about the fact that Alexandre “liked” Trump on Facebook. Bissonnette’s other Facebook likes, including atheists and others — like Marine Le Pen, Marilyn Manson, World of Warcraft, Katy Perry, John Paul II, Rob Ford, and Garfield — are also making news.

Some people were able to grab a screenshot of Alexandre’s Facebook posts prior to Bissonnette’s Facebook page being taken down, as seen above.

horrorship: “Everyone is talking about how Alexandre Bissonnette liked Trump and Le Pen on Facebook. But he’s also an atheist, a feminist and pro-Israel.”

“According to Facebook, Alexandre Bissonnette liked Katy Perry, Pizza Hut, Sprite and Doritos. I’d better watch my 9 y.o. more carefully.”

As reported by LaPresse, Alexandre Bissonnette’s Facebook profile doesn’t tell the whole story. Bissonnette was known in Quebec City for actively “trolling” the Welcome to Refugees group online. Alexandre didn’t just harass Muslims specifically, but foreigners in general. Additionally, Bissonnette also reportedly targeted feminists or “feminazis,” as Alexandre called feminists. Bissonnette was allegedly bullied in school.

Alexandre Bissonnette, who also had a twin brother, had been described by some as being anti-social.

[Featured Image by Evan Vucci/AP Images]

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