‘The Bachelor’ Pregnancy Shocker! One Of The Contestants Is Reportedly Pregnant, Is Nick Viall The Father?

Talk about a messy situation! Nick Viall is in the middle of his run on The Bachelor and rumors hint that he got a contestant pregnant – and it isn’t the winning lady. Did the pregnancy ruin Viall’s chances at finding love?

Celebrity Dirty Laundry is reporting that Viall is about to become a father. Spoilers tease that Vanessa Grimaldi walks away as the Season 21 victor, but she isn’t carrying Viall’s child. Instead, a different contestant came forward with a shocking pregnancy announcement, leaving everyone wondering if Viall is the dad.

Nick Viall and one of his frontrunners Vanessa Grimaldi. [Image by ABC]

The contestant allegedly doesn’t know the identity of the father. It could turn out to be Viall, or it could be somebody else. Until more information comes to light, there’s no telling how the pregnancy will affect Viall’s engagement with the winning lady.

If Viall is the father, then there’s little chance that his romance with the Season 21 winner will hold up. The Bachelor has yet to comment on the pregnancy rumors, though the reports would easily make Viall’s season the most scandalous to date.

Per The Stir, the identity of the pregnant woman has not been revealed. Given how Viall has tried to make a move on pretty much every contestant, there’s no telling who he may have gotten pregnant.


“[Viall] definitely tried to make moves on every single girl,” an insider revealed. “Some of the women went to first base, some second base and others hit a home run.”

Viall has sparked some good chemistry with several contestants this season. It’s still too early to tell who will make it through to the final rounds, but it sounds like the pregnant girl might be one of his finalists.

“Nick definitely sleeps with his three finalists and one other girl, and there are probably at least a few more. When the booze is constantly flowing, protection is not usually on people’s minds,” the insider added. “And while there are always condoms in the house, with all the drinking going on, there’s really no remembering if they were actually used.”

Of course, Viall’s winner isn’t happy about all the pregnancy rumors. OK Magazine reports that the winner is already angry about watching his antics unfold this season. Will the news of a pregnancy be the final straw in their relationship?

“The winner is already not happy about what a pig Nick has been,” the source explained. “Nick has slept with a good chunk of the contestants but she fell in love with him for other reasons.”

According to Heavy, Viall has a history of sleeping with women on reality TV. Viall admitted that he slept with the leading ladies on The Bachelorette and had a one night stand with contestant Elizabeth Sandoz. The worst part of it all is that Viall’s final rose winner had no idea he was sleeping with the other girls.

“Nick picks a ‘good girl’ as the winner at the end of the series, but what she doesn’t know is that right now one of the other girls he slept with thinks she’s pregnant and that it’s his,” an insider claims.

If Nick Viall picks a 'good girl' than villain Corinne Olympios is probably out of the running, [Image by ABC]

That being said, little evidence has surfaced to back up the pregnancy rumors. At the same time, Viall has not commented about getting a contestant pregnant. Until more information is revealed, fans will have to wait to find out if the rumors are true.

In the meantime, Viall still has some ways to go until he hands out his final rose. He has yet to reveal if he pops the big question during the season finale, though the pregnancy rumors might throw a major kink into his plans.

New episodes of The Bachelor air Monday nights on ABC.

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