Waffle House CEO Accused Of Sexual Harassment

Atlanta, GA — The man who runs Waffle House may be on the griddle.

In a complaint apparently filed with Atlanta police, a woman who worked for Waffle House CEO Joseph Rogers Jr. claims she was sexually harassed (or worse) by him for about nine years. The investigation is considered open and in its preliminary stages.

The worker claims she put up with the misconduct while she worked as Rogers’ personal assistant because she was a single mother who needed the job. The Marietta Daily Journal identifies the employee as My Brooke Brindle.

As cited by the Daily Journal, the police report indicates that “as a condition of Brindle’s employment, and against Brindle’s will, Rogers willfully, repeatedly and with specific intent to harm and oppress Brindle, required Brindle to perform sexual services.”

The police have not confirmed that the man in the police report is actually the Waffle House boss, but according to AP, the lawyer for the woman has identified him as such. During her time with the Waffle House CEO, Brindle worked mostly in Rogers’ home in the upscale Buckhead neighborhood of Atlanta.

She apparently quit the job with Rogers in June after her son obtained a full college scholarship.

In September, both parties sued each in Cobb County Superior Court, but the case files for both actions have been sealed by court order. The former employee did not go to the police with her harassment allegations until September 28 of this year.

A lawyer for Rogers said that “As you can imagine, his version of events is much different than hers.”

[Image credit: Billy Hathorn]