UFO Found Edging Out Of Cave In Antarctica In Google Earth Image, UFO Hunters Claim [Video]

UFO hunters have been turning more and more to the frozen continent of Antarctica to search for anomalies and aerial phenomena of late, and recently, while perusing images in a mountainous region of the South Pole, came across what they believe to be is “final proof of secret technology” — part of a disc seems to be displayed protruding from a cave.

The Sun reported this week that the investigative website/channel SecureTeam posted a video clip purporting to show evidence that, as many conspiracy theorists and UFO enthusiasts have already claimed, Antarctica either hides UFOs in its frozen expanse at the whim of their controllers or aliens are using the massive continent as a base for their craft. Zooming in on an image from Google Earth that framed mountains near the South Pole, SecureTeam zeroed in on what looked like a rocky area with what appeared to be, rather incongruously, a geometrically round object projecting from what was speculated as a cave in the mountains. The unidentified object was referred to as an “alien ship.”

“This is a bombshell discovery and one of the most obvious unnatural and anomalous structures we have found at the South Pole,” SecureTeam said of the UFO.

And they have found a few, including a “massive mystery object” hidden deep underneath the snows of the frozen continent. As the Inquisitr reported in December, SecureTeam had suggested that the subterranean expanse could actually be a hidden World War II Nazi UFO base where scientists of the Third Reich experimented on flying saucer technology. This is an expansion on an old conspiracy theory that Germany successfully developed advanced aeronautics technology (or reverse-engineered it from a recovered UFO, depending on the version of the story) that resembled the famous “foo fighters” or flying saucers. Some of the theories believe those missions are hidden in Antarctica; some believe they are not only hidden, they are extant.

There is a conspiracy theory that suggests that Nazi Germany established a base to experiment on UFO/flying saucer technology during World War II. [Image by elen_studio/Shutterstock]

Tyler Glockner, who narrates for SecureTeam, admitted that the original spotter of the disc-shaped UFO in the newly-discovered image was unknown, but commended his “eagle eye” for catching the object.

“It’s obvious,” he said, “I don’t have to mess with this. It’s a disc. I mean, look, it even has the shadow underneath it. And what would appear to be some sort of design on the top of it. You see this sort of ‘V’-shaped design on the top of it. And look at the outer rim. Look how sharp that looks. This thing looks like a, like a blade, like a saw blade, where you have the sharpened edge wrapping around it that’s always a little bit lighter than the rest of the metal. And that’s looks like what we’re seeing here: A very sharp, circular disc setting out from under this cave.”

The new UFO image, of course, only adds to the growing trove of bizarre and unexplained anomalies being found on Antarctica.

Back in November, nearly perfect pyramidal shapes were detected poking up out of the snows on the ice shelf. According to the Inquisitr, it did not take long for speculation to begin suggesting that the “snow pyramids” were remnants of an ancient civilization that once dominated the continent (before all the snow and ice buried it all). Some thought the edifices might be part of a still-thriving civilization whose pyramids were just the most salient features of a predominantly underground empire. And then there were geologists who pointed out that the black pyramids looked like examples of nunatak, a natural geological erosion effect that produced rocky protrusions from water and snow that were really the tops of ridges, hills, or mountains.

Many conspiracy theorists believe that Antarctica is home to UFO bases. [Image by tsuneomp/Shutterstock]

There has never been a formal acknowledgement by any government of the existence of aliens or UFOs (at least none that could not be explained or otherwise proven to be under the control of an intelligent operator) in or on or above the continent of Antarctica.

[Featured Image by M. Cornelius/Shutterstock]

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