Three ‘Snow Pyramids’ Discovered In Antarctica: Conspiracy Theorists Claim Ancient Aliens Or Atlantis Origins

Norman Byrd - Author

Nov. 22 2016, Updated 2:49 p.m. ET

The perusal of Google Earth images of Antarctica have revealed pyramids on the ice-covered continent, prompting conspiracy theorists to speculate on their origin. Among some of the imaginative claims are that the formations are remnants of the lost civilization of Atlantis and that the pyramids were built with the help of aliens.

The Daily Star reported this week that Google Earth images of what are being called “snow pyramids” have set the internet to talking about the possibility of an ancient human civilization that might have once populated Antarctica. The latest images are of a third pyramid that has been found. But like the other two, the newest pyramid has four sides, generating comparisons to the pyramids at Giza in Egypt.

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Two of the pyramids are located roughly 10 miles inland. The third can be found near Antarctica’s coastline.

Prompting much of the speculation that humans may have built the snow pyramids is that scientists believe that Antarctica once was not an icebound continent but a region that likely played host to expansive rainforest. Researchers led by NASA and composed of 11 different academic institutions were involved in an expedition that resulted in the finding of various forms of microbial life in sealed-off (beneath 65 feet of ice) Lake Vida.


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