Charlotte McKinney Considers Breast Reduction: ‘I Was Called A S**t’ For Large Breasts

Charlotte McKinney revealed that she was tormented and bullied for having large breasts. The supermodel said she was “called a s**t” and has such a love/hate relationship with her ample bosom that she is considering having a breast reduction.

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Charlotte McKinney said she was ferociously bullied for her large breasts and even struggled to find work because of them in a recent interview with Ocean Drive. The 23-year-old explained her love/hate relationship with her breasts and said she was not ruling out surgical intervention.

The supermodel and Baywatch reboot star went on to explain how her biggest assets are often her biggest burden.

“Obviously, I got more attention from the male side than from the female side. I didn’t have any girlfriends. A lot of my friends were guys, and I was called a s**t by a lot of people.”

Charlotte McKinney first popped up onto the scene during the 2015 Super Bowl with her appearance in a Carl’s Jr. commercial.

The supermodel explained that she had developed large breasts at a young age and did not really know what to do with them.

“It was definitely awkward.”

McKinney dropped out of school at the age of 17 due to academic struggles as well as being bullied by mean girls at school. McKinney explained that she also suffers from severe dyslexia.

“It was just so awful, and that’s why now I kind of use my platform to promote anti-bullying. I try to use what I went through to be a voice for it, because it’s still happening and getting even worse now with social media.”

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The supermodel said that if she had stayed in school, she would probably still be in school now because she was failing so badly.

“My parents were freaking out – what parents want to hear their kid is dropping out of school and moving to Miami? But in the end they were helpful and were behind me. They knew I would be successful at whatever I wanted to do. So yes, I was a dropout.”

Charlotte had always dreamed of modeling, although it took longer for modeling agencies to realize her potential. She was often turned away from work because of her large breasts, often claiming that her “curves” were not right for the job.

However, McKinney kept her head up and headed to Miami because she knew she had “what it takes.”

“One day I went to every single modelling agency in Miami – Ford, Next. I went to small boutiques. And everyone was like, ‘No, you are too short.’ ‘Your boobs are too big.’ But I was like, ‘Yeah, well, I photograph well.”

Charlotte worked hard and continued to build a portfolio of photographs for her career.

charlotte mckinney considering breast reduction surgery
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Eventually, the model landed her dream job at Guess and she instantly became a hit throughout the industry.

All of the criticism definitely took a toll on the model, so much so that she has been considering a breast reduction, although she said she has managed to go down a bit in size thanks to her diet.

The model does not eat sugar, packaged food, or red meat. Guess that means no more Carl’s Jr. burgers.

Although they have become her trademark, Charlotte said that after a decade of being the girl with the big breasts, a breast reduction was sounding like a good idea.

Aside from a possible breast reduction or lift, McKinney said that plastic surgery was not for her. She said she was also bullied when she was younger for her nose, but that she had learned to accept and appreciate her face.

“I’ve been made fun of for it. But if I changed it, I wouldn’t look like me. That’s a feature [that] makes my face and makes me who I am.”

McKinney claimed that from now on she will focus on looking for “different roles” that are not so “commercial” and are a bit “cooler.”

The blonde model is currently starring in Mad Families opposite of Charlie Sheen, who she described as “healthy” and “vibrant.”

The Baywatch reboot is set to hit theaters in May. McKinney acts alongside Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Zac Efron.

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