'Love Locks': Hallmark Channel's Movie Based On Paris, France, Bridge Valentine's Day Tradition, Stars Rebecca Romijn, Jerry O'Connell

Love Locks is a romantic new movie that will premiere on Hallmark Channel this Saturday. On the heels of 'Countdown To Christmas,' Hallmark excites viewers again with their 'Countdown To Valentine's Day' programming and their celebration of the Hallmark Hall of Fame. During the events, viewers will enjoy a bevy of movies created for lovers. But not to worry. The Hallmark Channel always provides movies that are appropriate for the entire family. Love Locks is a story about unrequited love and how the former lost lovers reconnect after 20 years in Paris. It is directed by Martin Wood and based on a screenplay written by Teena Booth. Love Locks stars Rebecca Romijn as Lindsey, Jerry O'Connell as Jack, Bruce Davison as Hugo, David Julian Hirsh as Trent Greer, Jocelyn Hudon as Alexa, Jerry O'Connell as Jack Burrows, Linda Smith as Kathryn Daltry, Benjamin Sutherland as Jean-Paul, Melissa Toussaint as Maggie Parnell.

Hallmark Movie: Synopsis of Love Locks

Lindsey Wilson is a middle-aged mother who is raising her daughter, Alexa, all alone. Now Alexa is 18 years old and headed off to a university in Paris for the upcoming semester. Lindsey, a gifted artist turned magazine publisher, is excited that Alexa gets to study at the same university with the same Art teacher who played a role in her life 20 years earlier.

But there is another memory that Lindsey holds about Paris. 20 years earlier, she was in love with Jack Burrow, and the two professed their love to each other on a pad-locked bridge in the City of Lights. The romance ended abruptly, causing Lindsey to give up her dream of being a painter and returning to New York City, where she ended up getting married and giving birth to Alexa.

What she doesn't know is that soon she'll have a chance encounter with Jack Burrow, who now owns the same quaint Paris hotel that Alexa and Lindsey are staying in.

Having given up on love, bumping into Jack again is something that she never imagined could happen. But now that it has, and romance is in the air, Lindsey begins to wonder if Jack was the perfect man for her all along.

A true Valentine's Day movie, Love Locks is a wonderful story that is beautifully told. It's a story about adventure, rediscovery, and the realization that in searching for love, one may discover that the person with whom they were meant to be, could have already passed them by.

While Love Locks is not based on a true-story, there is a bridge in Paris that has the tradition of attaching padlocks to it to symbolize one's love. In fact, there are two bridges: Pont de l'Archevêché and Pont des Arts. And according to the producers of the film, attaching the love locks to the Paris bridges was a tradition that was born out of a novel by an Italian writer. But the tradition took off in Paris. CNN describes how tourists have romanticized and spread the tradition over the years.


"For years, visitors have been attaching locks with sentimental messages to the bridge in symbolic acts of affection. Some further seal the deal by throwing keys into the Seine River below. A 2006 Italian young adult novel-turned-film is thought to have created the practice, which started in Rome and spread. It came to in Paris around 2008 and starting posing problems in 2012, said Lisa Anselmo, co-founder of advocacy group No Love Locks. It was considered charming at first, but the thrill wore off as sections of fencing on the Pont des Arts crumbled under the locks' weight. The bridge carries more than 700,000 locks with an estimated combined weight roughly the same as 20 elephants.The city launched an unsuccessful initiative in August 2014 to end the practice, urging visitors to instead take selfies on the bridge. Unsightly wooden panels were placed over the locks in February to discourage the practice for Valentine's Day."
Hallmark Channel's Love Locks is produced by Crown Media Productions with Jim Head, Joel S. Rice, and John Tiner as executive producers. The beautiful shots for this romance flick were filmed in Paris, France, and Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

You can enjoy this feature film with limited interruptions. Love Locks will air Saturday, January 28, at 9/8 p.m. Central on Hallmark Channel and on Hallmark Movies and Mysteries, IMDB states. The week before on Hallmark Channel, The Birthday Wish aired. Read about that movie here.

[Featured Image by Eric Caro/Crown Media]