March For Life Begins–Trump, Pence Show Pro-Life Support

Another women’s march began in Washington, D.C., this morning. But it is vastly different from the #nastywomenmarch that took place over the Inauguration weekend. Supporters will not be donning genitalia outfits. They also will not be excluding pro-life women. After all, it’s the annual March for Life–it is entirely pro-life.

The attendees are hopeful about the support they are receiving from Trump and Pence, USA Today said. They feel that it is the first time in a long time that their “voices will be heard,” a sentiment that March for Life president Jeanne Mancini shared with the news source.

“With the administration that has promised pro-life policies being enacted there’s just a lot of hope and a lot of enthusiasm.”

This will also be the first March for Life that will have a United States Vice President joining their ranks. VP Mike Pence will be speaking at the event. AOL said that this action on Pence’s part comes just days before President Trump reveals his pick to fill the vacant Supreme Court Justice position.

“March [for Life] organizers say Pence’s appearance is a historic one. While President Ronald Reagan and President George W. Bush both made videos for the event in the past, no president or vice president has spoken at the march in its 44 year history.”

Even though more than 50 percent of the American population regards themselves as pro-life, the media is not covering March for Life very much. President Trump spoke out about the event in an interview with ABC News, after interviewer David Muir asked him about the Women’s March. Instead of answering the question, Trump brought up an important point.

“You’re going to have a lot of people coming on Friday. And I will say this, and I didn’t realize this–but I was told–you will have a very large crowd of people. I don’t know, as large or larger. Some people said it will be larger. Pro-life people, and they say the press doesn’t cover them.”

President Trump accused the media of avoiding coverage of the event, NewsBusters commented.

“Trump made a very important point […] about the coverage of the March for Life. The Media Research Center’s Curtis Houck noted in November 2016 that CBS and NBC dedicated three times more coverage of one Neo-Nazi rally (in 2016) than they did the last four years of the March for Life. So far for this year’s march, the networks have spent 129 times more time talking about the Women’s March, as was discovered by the MRC’s Katie Yoder. “

March for Life attendees are reportedly filled with joy this morning. Pro-life supporters have been defended on numerous fronts recently, whereas they often felt snubbed by the Obama Administration, according to USA Today.

“Obama was a supporter of abortion rights and threatened to veto any legislation that would curb them.”

But now, the pro-life stance is being backed by many. The U.S. House of Representatives passed a bill on Tuesday that would permanently ban the federal funding of abortions. Many representatives in support of the bill cited the “hypocrisy” of the Women’s March, referring to the march’s exclusion of pro-life women. Also, Trump and Pence are openly pro-life, Pence having (as governor of Indiana) banned abortions related to genetic abnormalities, and Trump just recently signing an “anti-abortion” law–also called the foreign funding ban.

Overall, this is a year of hope for pro-life supporters. They are being defended and encouraged by friends not only in the private circle, but in the government as well.

Anti abortion rally in San Francisco

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