‘House of Cards’ Season 5 Release Date, Trailer, And What Does New Cast Members Tell Us?

Netflix released a well-timed trailer for House of Cards Season 5 and it has already garnered over a million views on YouTube. Season 5 of House of Cards release date is May 30th, which is later than its predecessors. The first three seasons were released in February, while Season 4 was released early in March.

The trailer is simple and released on inauguration day featuring an upside down flag, which suggests that Season 5 will have a dark theme.

Netflix is keeping the plot close to the chest; however, returning and new cast members give us some insight into what we can expect in Season 5. The biggest shift in House of Cards is coming behind the scenes with the showrunner and creator of the series Beau Willimon stepping down. Writers, who joined the series in the third season Melissa James Gibson and Frank Pugliese will serve as co-showrunners for the fifth. They have playwriting backgrounds and a lot of experience in writing on the show.

Since they are internal hires, the series may not be radically different without its showrunner; however, this is yet to be determined.

In Season 4 of House of Cards Frank Underwood and Claire are still trying to repair their manage while they clash over their political ambition. Claire positions herself as vice president and they are still not where they once were. Underwood declares war with the terrorist organization to distract the public from Hammerschmidt’s hit piece on the Washington Herald that exposes Frank’s corruption.

Also with Claire finally breaking the fourth wall with Frank at the end of Season 4 suggest that he may finally be letting her in and her affair with the writer will probably not last much longer in Season 5.

Joel Kinnaman who plays Will Conway confirmed that he will return for House of Cards Season 5. The charismatic young Republican lacks experience while Frank has plenty and will likely lose the Presidential election to Frank who the public may favor in terms of experience due to the declaration of war.

House of Cards adds Patricia Clarkson, Campbell Scott for the fifth season. They will be the first new cast members under the new co-showrunners; however, their role in the political drama is being kept under wraps as with other aspects of the new season.

Mahershala Ali who played Remy Danton for four seasons announced last year that he will not be returning. His character was in a relationship with Jackie Sharp played by Molly Parker – it is unclear whether this character will also be leaving the series.

In an interview with Deadline, Ali spoke about his departure and explained that his character has run his course:

“I didn’t feel that there was a lot more to really explore — and if they didn’t agree with me, I wouldn’t be out of that contract. [Laughs] They understood that we had a good run, you know? You move on. I’ve said this before: every show has a shelf life. House of Cards might work for seven or eight seasons, it might be done after six, I don’t know—but my character also has a shelf life. It was just time to close that storyline out while it still meant something to people.”

The House of Cards Season 5 trailer being released on inauguration day may also hint at the series implementing some of the 2016 Presidential election campaign that had its controversy. There were accusations made by US intelligence agencies that Russia tried to influence the elections.

How much this influences House of Cards is yet to be determined. The fifth season has a release date of May 30th.

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