Jenelle Evans On Chelsea Houska Birth: ‘I’m Actually Happy For Her’

Jenelle Evans was thrilled to announce the birth of her daughter this week, as she gave birth to her daughter Ensley this Tuesday. Her daughter was a few days early, but Evans was counting down the time of her daughter’s arrival, as she was due this upcoming Saturday. However, her spot in the limelight was quick, as Chelsea Houska gave birth the following morning. The two babies were born just hours apart, and Chelsea’s son decided to come much earlier than expected. She wasn’t due for another few weeks, as she was set to Valentine’s Day, as revealed on Teen Mom. So, is Jenelle upset with Chelsea stealing the spotlight?

According to a new tweet, Jenelle Evans is now revealing that she’s happy for Chelsea’s new bundle of joy. Even though Evans hasn’t officially congratulated her co-star on her new son, she reveals that she has no hard feelings towards her co-star. Chelsea hasn’t written to Jenelle either after learning that Evans had given birth to her daughter, but she hasn’t addressed any possible feud with her Teen Mom co-star.

“I’m actually happy for her and glad she got the little boy she always wanted,” Jenelle Evans tweeted after getting messages about how she felt about Chelsea having her baby so closely to her own birth.

And people speculated that maybe Houska hadn’t seen that Jenelle had given birth, as she was possibly in labor throughout the day on Tuesday and possibly throughout the night. Plus, it could have been hours since she gave birth to when she actually posted the pictures. But one person pointed out that maybe Houska was just enjoying her newborn son and hadn’t had the time to dig into her social media content.

“Maybe Chelsea hasn’t reached out to Jenelle yet, too much excitement with their baby boy!” one person speculated, while another added on Twitter, “Boo don’t worry about the haters. You don’t need to explain yourself to the world. Now enjoy that beautiful baby!!!!”

Of course, Jenelle Evans and Chelsea couldn’t prevent having their children so close together. Both babies were early, but had originally been about 2.5 weeks apart in due dates. If both girls had reached out to one another on social media to congratulate each other on the births of their new babies, this probably wouldn’t be a thing on social media. But the lack of interaction has people wondering if something is going on.

“I really don’t understand why everyone would think we would be mad at each other for having our babies born so close…. lmao,” Jenelle Evans later pointed out on Twitter, to which people mocked her a bit, writing things like, “Yeah you know she totally did it on purpose. Babies are never born at unpredictable times,” and “Keep doing your thing Janelle. You look great and you’re an awesome mom! She’s come a long way and what is showed on the TV shows love for her kids. We’ve ALL made mistakes.”

Of course, Evans and her co-star have been feuding once before, which could explain why they are not reaching out to one another. Jenelle had accused Chelsea of copying her business ideas, even though Evans had thought about putting together a makeup line when Houska is an educated makeup artist. Plus, Jenelle slammed her co-stars for copying her after she announced her plans for a book, even though she’s far from the first Teen Mom star to write a book.

What do you think of Jenelle Evans’ comments about her possible feud with Chelsea Houska? Do you think Houska is just too busy with her son to congratulate her Teen Mom co-star on the birth of her daughter?

[Featured Image by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images]