Ivanka Trump Shares Adorable Video Of 10-Month-Old Theodore’s First-Ever Crawl In The White House [Video]

Ivanka Trump’s baby son, Theodore, registered a major milestone in the White House on Wednesday. An adorable video that Ivanka shared on social media shows her 10-month-old son crawling for the first time in the White house.

Thirty-five-year-old Ivanka posted footage showing the special moment to her Instagram account on Wednesday, a week after Theodore’s grandfather, Donald Trump, was sworn in as the 45th president of the U.S.

The video shows Ivanka, dressed in a black turtleneck and black trousers, kneeling on the carpeted floor in a large room in the White House, with staff busy in the background. Ivanka’s daughter and Theodore’s older sister, 5-year-old Arabella, also appears in the video. Arabella and Ivanka are shown encouraging Theodore to take his first crawling steps.


“Do you want to do it? You ready? I think he’s ready!” Ivanka says.

Theodore plucked up the courage and made an effort to learn how to crawl. He wobbled unsteadily on all fours and crawled a few steps. Joy overwhelmed Ivanka as she observed her baby son’s performance. She is heard gasping with excitement in the video. Big sister Arabella was also impressed and she cried, “He’s moving!”

“There were so many incredible milestones this past weekend — including one for baby Theodore who crawled for the very first time in the White House!”


Ivanka also shared on Instagram a cute photo captioned “Goodnight!” It shows little Theodore smiling brightly while sitting upright inside his crib in his nursery at their new home in Washington D.C.

A pillow, monogrammed with this initials “TJK,” can be seen beside him.


Having learned how to crawl, Theodore is set to have a lot of fun exploring his new home in Washington D.C. and the White House when he visits.


The new video showing Theodore crawling for the first time in the White House comes after Ivanka and her children moved from New York to their new $5.5 million new home in Kalorama, an upscale neighborhood in Washington D.C., where they have the Obamas as neighbors.

The Obamas’ new home in Washington D.C. is only a few hundred yards away.

The Obamas are reportedly staying in Washington D.C. after they left the White House because they want their daughter Sasha to complete her high school education at her current school, Sidwell Friends, an exclusive school in the capital city.

Ivanka and her family moved to Washington D.C. after President Trump appointed her husband. Jared Kushner. as an unpaid senior adviser.

Kushner was photographed earlier on Tuesday morning leaving home in a hurry and entering a parked SUV, apparently on his way to the White House for his second day at work as special adviser to his father-in-law, the Daily Mail reports.

Ivanka is also expected to take an important role in the White House.

When asked during an interview with ABC News’ Deborah Roberts on 20/20 about the exact description of her role and if she would effectively be taking the duties of the first lady, Ivanka insisted that her role would not usurp first lady duties from Melania Trump. She also said she thought that the question was “sexist” because it implied that two women could not play a major role in the White House at the same time.

“Well, I think it is an inappropriate observation. There’s one first lady and she’ll do remarkable things.”

Despite her comments, the details of Ivanka’s planned role in the White House remain uncertain, but she is presently trying to rally congressional support for her proposal of tax-free childcare accounts and childcare deductions for American families earning less than $500,000 a year.

She also said during the interview that she was still friends with Chelsea Clinton, the daughter of Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton who her father defeated in the 2016 general election.

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