Was Barron Trump’s Smooth Sailing Today Due To Melania Staying Home?

Barron Trump made his way back to school today after having the first part of the week off while school was closed for teacher conferences. Thursday was the first time Barron has attended school with his new title, the son of President Donald Trump. While New Yorkers braced for a traffic jam, they were pleasantly surprised. Barron traveled to his school this morning without the Secret Service holding back traffic, as the car that drove him to his destination made its way through the Big Apple.

According to TMZ, a motorcade escorting Barron was expected, but instead the 10-year-old traveled in one SUV with only one other SUV as an escort. When Melania traveled back and forth with Barron to school after the election, it was done with a lengthy motorcade and traffic was stopped for Melania and Barron to travel non-stop to the school, but that didn’t happen today.

Due to the drastic change in Barron’s trip to school, TMZ said they are led to believe that Melania didn’t make that trip with Barron as she often did before Donald Trump was inaugurated. Barron and Melania left Washington D.C. on Sunday, with Melania believing school started back up again on Monday for Barron, but she was mistaken.

It seems school was not in session on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday, as the teachers had some conferences. TMZ reported earlier in the week that Melania was under the impression that there were classes Monday and that is why she and Barron left the White House for their Manhattan home on Sunday. TMZ suggested that it was understandable for the school closing to slip by her, as she had so much on her plate. Then they found out that Barron’s mother wasn’t the only parent unaware of the school not holding classes.

TMZ said they talked to a couple of other parents who have kids that attend the same school as Barron and they too weren’t aware of the school closing for the three days. One parent said their kids got up and dressed for school, but found the doors were locked. These parents were probably happy to hear that they were in good company, as the First Lady of the nation wasn’t aware of this either.

Barron Trump’s presence in this elite Upper West Side school has rattled many of the parents of the other students. They feared for their own children’s safety having Barron attending the Columbia Grammar and Preparatory School, now that he is the President’s son. They were concerned that the school could be a possible target of some type kidnapping, according to a Us Magazine article from back in November.

Not only did the parents complain about their safety concerns, but they also found the traffic jams that came along with Barron’s commute very frustrating. This was due to the motorcade he traveled in, the same motorcade that apparently stayed behind on Thursday.

The parents also felt that the Secret Service agents were disruptive to the kids, teachers, and parents, as the school is scouted out each morning and anyone entering the school is also checked by the agents. When Melania enters the school for a teacher’s conference or any other reason, the elevator is roped off and deemed hers alone to use. While this is understandable, this left the other parents having to navigate the stairs at an event held at the school before the Thanksgiving holiday.

One parent suggests that Trump’s decision to keep Barron in this school despite the hardship this brings to the other students, teachers, and parents is typical of Donald Trump’s “lack of regard for others as well as his lack of respect for protocol,” reports Us Magazine. The price tag for Melania and Barron Trump to stay in his Manhattan school to finish out the year costs New York City roughly $1 million a day, CNN reports.

[Featured Image by Carolyn Kaster/AP Images]