‘Criminal Minds’ Without Thomas Gibson Or Shemar Moore: Is Mathew Gray Gubler Next? #NoHotchNoWatch Continues [Opinion]

Criminal Minds without Thomas Gibson is not worth watching, according to #NoHotchNoWatch tweets. Many other fans say they lost interest after Shemar Moore left and that they no longer watch the series. Now, rumors are flying that Matthew Gray Gubler might be leaving the show as well.

Shemar Moore, who portrayed Derek Morgan, left Criminal Minds of his own accord to pursue a movie career near the end of Season 11. Meanwhile, Thomas Gibson was fired while filming the second episode of Season 12. Gibson portrayed the unit chief Aaron Hotchner (aka Hotch). Will Matthew Gray Gubler be the next to leave?


With Thomas Gibson and Shemar Moore barely out the door, would Criminal Minds risk a clean sweep of all the original male cast members? While there is no confirmation that Matthew Gray Gubler is leaving the show, spoilers are indicating it as a possibility, according to Mobile & Apps.

Could Matthew Gray Gubler leave Criminal Minds? Mobile & Apps refers to the reveals as a teaser, but this kind of teasing just isn’t funny, especially in light of Thomas Gibson and Shemar Moore already leaving in less than a year’s time.

It is unclear if Matthew Gray Gubler might be leaving but, there is an episode called “Spencer,” and in the past, that’s pretty much been a departure omen for characters.

Matthew Gray Gubler’s character is about to experience a life-changing event, according to A.J. Cook, who teased a major turning point in the show. TV Line has a quote from the beautiful blond actress who portrays J.J. on Criminal Minds.

“All of the ‘drama’ that’s happened this year has opened the door to write some interesting storylines, so we’re going with it — and we’re going to shock a lot of people. We’ve got some very personal stuff happening to some very loved characters, so there will be mayhem within the fandom. But don’t worry, stick with us.”

Matthew Gray Gubler of Criminal Minds [Image by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images]

After losing Thomas Gibson as Hotch and Shemar Moore as Derek, not to mention a threat of losing Spencer, A.J. Cook says, “stick with us”? Seriously, how many fans are going to stick around to keep watching Criminal Minds if Matthew Gray Gubler leaves too?

After firing Thomas Gibson, seeing the #NoHotchNoWatch outrage, and hearing from all the viewers who just lost interest after Shemar Moore’s departure, surely it would be rating suicide to allow Matthew Gray Gubler to leave.

Matthew Gray Gubler’s fans are already leaving comments on spoiler sites saying they won’t watch Criminal Minds if Spencer isn’t on anymore.

Still, no one really knows if Matthew Gray Gubler is leaving. Here is what is known. There will be a two- or three-episode arc, with Jane Lynch as Spencer’s mother. The episode “Spencer,” which airs February 15, will be directed by Glenn Kershaw and written by Erica Messer and Kirsten Vangsness.


Thomas Gibson was written off the show by Erica Messer. An episode called “Derek” notified the viewers that Shemar Moore would no longer be part of the Criminal Minds cast.

Criminal Minds writer Erica Messer is quoted by Carter Matt talking about the special Matthew Gray Gubler and Jane Lynch episodes.

“It turns out [Kirsten] and I go big. It is absolutely a change of course [for Reid] — a journey, for him and for the team, that I would argue we never even imagined would happen. And yet it happens, and we’re along for this ride. And it’s an intense one.”

Unlike the episode titled “Derek” last season, when spoilers about Shemar Moore’s career let fans know he was leaving, little is known about the Matthew Gray Gubler episode called “Spencer.”

Thomas Gibson was fired long before the season premiere for Criminal Minds Season 12 aired. With all the fuss made about the infamous swift kick in the shins that Virgil Williams allegedly received from Thomas Gibson, fans knew well in advance of Gibson’s departure.

Thomas Gibson and Jenna Eifman as Dharma and Greg. Looks like Gibson was doing OK before ‘CM.’ [Image by Hulton Archive/Getty Images]

As for Matthew Gray Gubler, there have been no rumors of discord involving Matthew, nor has there been any statement by Gubler. Is Matthew leaving voluntarily like Shemar Moore? Is he being fired like Thomas Gibson? Is this some budget-driven whim like when they fired A.J. Cook and Paget Brewster?If Matthew Gray Gubler leaves, though, the next swift kick Criminal Minds writers will feel is going to be another huge drop in their ratings.

Matthew Gray Gubler’s character, Spencer Reid, is in for a shock in coming episodes of Criminal Minds, according to Yahoo TV. It seems that his mother, portrayed by Jane Lynch, was found wandering around in a Vegas casino.

Spencer’s mom suffers from Alzheimer’s, but Reid thought he had her tucked safely away in a groundbreaking Alzheimer’s treatment facility. Unfortunately, those irresponsible jerks doing the Alzheimer’s study just dumped mom out on the street, after budget cuts.

Criminal Minds writers came up with this rather unlikely scenario to reintroduce Jane Lynch as Spencer’s mother. Matthew Gray Gubler will have a huge role to play in a couple of episodes, but then according to more than a few spoiler sites, Gubler could be gone.

Is Criminal Minds imploding? Three original cast characters or more specifically the three heartthrobs, Thomas Gibson, Shemar Moore, and now perhaps Matthew Gray Gubler leaving a show in less than a year seems like an unsurvivable mistake. Hopefully, this is just a case of trying to stir interest in special episodes featuring Matthew Gray Gubler.

Are Criminal Minds fans — especially Matthew Gray Gubler fans — just being toyed with? Are producers taunting fans at this point, and trying to stir up even more “mayhem within the fandom?” Haven’t they had quite enough “mayhem” already? Are they trying to provoke fans?


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Criminal Minds ratings are floundering after the departure of Thomas Gibson and Shemar Moore, and all the new characters haven’t really even integrated into the plot correctly yet. How could Criminal Minds possibly withstand the loss of their youngest heartthrob Matthew Gray Gubler who has a huge fan base of teen and preteen girls?

With Criminal Minds ratings toppling from their heights in the wake of Thomas Gibson’s departure and the absence of Shemar Moore as well, could the show survive if Matthew Gray Gubler left as well?

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