‘Criminal Minds’ New Hires: How Many Actors Does It Take To Replace Thomas Gibson And Shemar Moore?

Since Thomas Gibson and Shemar Moore departed Criminal Minds, ABC and CBS have brought back Paget Brewster as Emily Prentiss and hired Adam Rodriguez to replace Shemar and Damon Gupton to replace Thomas. In Season 11 they brought in Aisha Taylor as well to fill in the void soon to be created by the planned loss of Moore.

Now Criminal Minds has hired Harold Perrineau in a recurring role, according to the International Business Times, who has declared just how irreplaceable Thomas Gibson really is.

“It takes an army to replace Hotch (Thomas Gibson)!”

With Thomas Gibson and Shemar Moore being replaced by no less than four actors on Criminal Minds, it seems ABC and CBS are not saving any money on salaries in Season 12.



Criminal Minds‘ new hire Harold Perrineau, formerly of Lost, is portraying a former FBI agent Calvin Shaw, a convicted felon, who allegedly killed an informant. It is unclear if this character is a good guy or a bad guy, or if he will be able to shake the black mark on his record to join the BAU. Variety reports that Perrineau’s character is still incarcerated for his first appearance.

Could Thomas Gibson’s Hotch or Shemar Moore’s Morgan be replaced by a convicted killer? Harold Perrineau’s Calvin seems like an odd fit for Criminal Minds‘ fictional BAU department. Still, as the plot unfolds, Perrineau could become anything the writers can imagine.

Thomas Gibson of Criminal Minds [Image by J. Emilio Flores/Getty Images]

If Thomas Gibson’s Hotch is not allowed to return next season, how many of these newcomers will be allowed to stay? Will ABC and NBC continue to pay all these additional salaries? Buddy TV speculates that Adam Rodriguez could move on, since his character Luke was only obsessed with catching Mr. Scratch.

Will Criminal Minds say goodbye to Adam Rodriguez in Season 13? How many people would it take to replace Rodriguez? Wouldn’t his departure leave the BAU in need of muscle?

Thomas Gibson’s Hotch and Shemar Moore’s Derick Morgan subdued serial killers for 12 years on Criminal Minds. From time to time Paget Brewster, A.J. Cook, and Matthew Gray Gubler also engaged in physical combat with the criminally insane unsubs, but the bulk of these situations were handled by Gibson’s Hotch and Moore’s Morgan.

New Criminal Minds cast member Adam Rodriguez [Image by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images]


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Will Criminal Minds writers give Thomas Gibson’s replacement Damon Gupton the same tough physical assignments that Gibson and Shemar Moore handled as Hotch and Morgan? Gupton’s role is slowly unfolding on Criminal Minds, according to Buddy TV.

Criminal Minds viewers have yet to see the potential of Damon Gupton as Stephen Walker. Gupton is still finding his way, only a few episodes into his role.

As Thomas Gibson’s loyal supporters at #NoHotchNoWatch continue to protest his absence from Criminal Minds, one wonders if it’s all worth it for CBS and ABC. Why not just rehire Thomas?

Could Shemar Moore return? Moore had a large fan base and offered a lot to the show. Shemar Moore remained open to guest appearances; perhaps he could boost ratings a bit especially if he elected to return permanently.

Replacing Thomas Gibson and Shemar Moore on Criminal Minds seems to be harder than CBS and ABC thought.

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