Chelsea Clinton Lambasted For Using Barron Trump Tweet As Ploy [Opinion]

Many social media users saw Chelsea Clinton’s tweet about Barron Trump as one president’s child coming to the defense of another president’s offspring. This would have been the decent thing to do if that were indeed the case, but was it? Others saw this tweet about Barron Trump as Chelsea exploiting the First Son’s plight for the sake of getting a jab in at Donald Trump after her mother, Hillary Clinton, lost the election to her opponent.

“The apple didn’t fall far from the tree,” was repeated a few times in the comments laid out across the social media sites since that tweet was posted online. That apple fell and then bounced back up and attached itself once again to the tree, as Chelsea seems to have picked up the political habits of her parents. The Clintons don’t often let an opportunity slip by when it comes to making a political point. Chelsea’s tweet is seen below.

With Barron Trump front and center in the headlines, this allegedly presented as a perfect opportunity for Chelsea to send out her dig at Trump, suggested many of the critics. It sounded like a gesture of concern, but instead, Chelsea jumped on the coattails of the outrage over Barron being bullied online and sent a message conveying the “POTUS policies” are hurting children.

So what did Chelsea mean by “POTUS policies that hurt kids?” That is a question she’s been asked over and over again on social media, but Chelsea has stayed mum when it comes to supplying an answer. Many pointed out that this is another trait she’s picked up from her mother, who would also often remain silent when hard questions were asked.

Barron isn’t the first child to become the target of bullies online, but you have to admit that Barron has been bombarded in the short time that he has been in the public eye. From the time that Rosie O’Donnell attempted to diagnose him with autism by bringing attention to a video online doing the same, Barron’s hasn’t caught a break.

Now with this SNL writer tweeting that Barron will be the “first homeschooled shooter,” another round of defending Barron is in full swing. He is Donald and Melania’s son, but he has won the hearts of many in the nation who won’t standby and let people get away with this and that includes Chelsea Clinton. As one commenter suggested, Chelsea attempting to show concern over Barron was just a ploy to make a political statement.

Some social media users asked Chelsea where she was when Obama’s girls were being bullied online. According to an archived article from USA Today, White House aide, Elizabeth Lauten, resigned over her social media post that went viral after she said some inappropriate things about the Obama girls.

Lauten posted a letter on a social media site addressed to the Obama girls after seeing what the girls wore to the White House turkey pardoning event. Both girls were dressed like normal teens of the day, but for some reason, Lauten felt they weren’t. She started her letter addressing “Dear Sasha and Malia.”

Lauten then went on to say that she realizes the girls are in those awkward teen years, but in their positions, they need to show a little class. She ended her letter prompting the girls to “rise to the occasion. Act like being in the White House matters to you. Dress like you deserve respect, not a spot at a bar.” People on social media sites today asked Chelsea where she was when the Obama girls were targeted online with this post. She didn’t come to their defense, but all of the sudden Barron’s plight is important to her? Some find this very transparent and believe it is the jab rather than the empathy that was at the root of her tweet.

Chelsea would have made the tweet all about Barron if she was really concerned and not double up on the use of this venue to also take a swipe at her mother’s opponent, who just happened to win the election. Many saw Chelsea avenging her mother’s loss more so than voicing her concerns over Barron.

People were furious that Chelsea would use Barron’s plight to subtly attack his father, Donald Trump. According to Dennis Michael Lynch, that tweet prompted thousands of replies asking Chelsea what she meant about Trump’s policies hurting kids. The website suggested that it wasn’t a surprise when Chelsea didn’t answer any of those questions. Some tweets were a bit more anger-driven than others, like the one seen below.

As a mother herself, you would think that Chelsea might leave the jab out of the tweet to at least make it look as if she were concerned about Barron without another agenda being neatly tucked into her message. As the child of the politician who just suffered one of the most shocking election losses in modern political times, she too may have wounds still festering. Using Barron as a smokescreen to send out a message condemning Trump is not the way to go about it. This is what many folks taking to the social media sites conveyed when blasting Chelsea for this tweet.

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