WWE News: Eric Bischoff And Jim Ross Think WWE Should Bring In Kenny Omega Just Like WCW Brought In the NWO

One of the hottest wrestling stars in the world right now is Kenny Omega and everyone knows it. His current deal with New Japan Pro Wrestling expires at the end of this month and there is a bit of confusion as to his current status with the company moving forward. WWE has expressed their interest in Omega, and that move is always a possibility, but will it happen? Jim Ross and Eric Bischoff think it should happen and in the same way that WCW created the nWo.

It is pretty much a given that Kenny Omega will not be appearing at the Royal Rumble as a surprise entrant on Jan. 29. His current contract with NJPW doesn’t expire until Jan. 31, and as reported by WrestleZone, he is scheduled for an event in Chile on Jan. 28.

Now, some reports have him already being signed to a new deal with NJPW and set to return in March, but that isn’t confirmed. On a recent episode of “The Taz Show,” Omega did say that he is indeed considering WWE and is not eliminating any options until he fully knows what he wants to do.

Two legends in the wrestling business believe that now is the time for WWE to strike, and they need to sign Kenny Omega immediately.

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The most recent episode of “Bischoff on Wrestling” was released on Friday, and it has Eric Bischoff talking about of a number of topics with good old Jim Ross. They talk about his match with Okada at Wrestle Kingdom 11 which many are calling one of the best of all time. Jim Ross believes that considering Omega is 33-years-old, he can’t waste time with a decision on his future.

He also believes that Omega will stay with NJPW for another year, at least, but that “WWE would be remiss” by not checking to see if he wants to sign with them or not. Triple H recently spoke with ESPN and admitted he’s “interested in talent, period,” and that includes Kenny Omega.

At that point, Bischoff tells Ross to pretend he is WWE for a minute and asks him if he would go out and sign Omega to a deal. Ross wasted no time with his answer and even made an interesting comparison.

“He’s hot right now. Knowing Eric Bischoff like I do. Knowing myself as I do… you want to hire the guy right now. He’s the hottest you can get him. You didn’t bring in Kevin Nash and Scott Hall two years after they left WWE. They were all still on WWE’s mind. They hadn’t been forgotten. They were still fresh.”

There really is no-one better to make that comparison to than Eric Bischoff since he is the one who “stole” Kevin Nash and Scott Hall from WWE back in 1996. Everyone thought they were still signed by WWE and yet, here they were appearing on Nitro and shocking the world. It was one of the most iconic moments in professional wrestling, and WWE has a chance to do it again.

wwe news eric bischoff jim ross kenny omega njpw wcw nwo hall nash
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Sure, the Internet really does take away the ability to really surprise the fans as leaks and rumors are always going to come out somehow. WWE did a decent job of semi-hiding AJ Styles’ defection and debut at last year’s Royal Rumble, but the knowledge didn’t make it any less exciting.

If WWE were to bring in Kenny Omega at any time, it would be a huge deal, but Ross and Bischoff are right in that he isn’t getting any younger. It is also the perfect time as no-one really knows his contract status or where he stands, so, why not shock the world again just as the nWo did?

Kenny Omega would be a huge addition to WWE or any company for that matter, and it would be a gigantic loss for NJPW. When Kevin Nash and Scott Hall ‘jumped ship” to WCW, it was the start of the nWo and one of the biggest angles in wrestling history. Eric Bischoff and Jim Ross have some extremely valid points in that bringing Omega in right now would be ideal for WWE. If it happens is another story, but the chance is there and wrestling fans are chomping at the bit.

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