Tom Hanks’ Insurance Guy Stole His Money, Could Face 200 Years In Jail

Tom Hanks did not choose a good neighbor to be his insurance guy. Instead he decided on Jerry B. Goldman, a scumbag who stole hundreds of thousands of dollars from Mr. Hanks and other rich celebrity clients.

The Feds arrested the Southern California insurance salesman after they discovered an elaborate scheme that allowed him to collect money for the protect of fine art, personal valuables, and various pieces of real estate property.

To secure additional funds from Tom Hanks, musician Andy Summers, and various other clients, Jerry Goldman overvalued the cost of coverage and then pocketed the excess money.

According to the feds, Jerry B. Goldman scammed his various clients out of more than $800,000 over a 13 year period.

While working for an outside agency, the feds say Goldman covered his tracks by sending his celebrity clients bogus copies of their insurance policies.


In some cases, Goldman overcharged Hanks and other A-List celebrities with fake inflated prices up to 600 percent over their insured costs.

Jerry Goldman faced up to 20 years for each of the 10 counts of mail fraud he has been charged with.

Two hundreds years in prison for messing with Tom Hanks? That will teach anyone from messing with a guy who befriended a volleyball and in turn the heart of America.

Tom Hanks has been killing it lately from his Colbert Report appearance to his stint on Saturday Night Live. Throw in helping catch an insurance agent fraudster and we would say the resurgence of Tom Hanks is upon us at least.