Tom Hanks Shows Up On Halloween-Themed ‘Colbert Report’ To Not Plug ‘Cloud Atlas’ [Video]

Tom Hanks is mostly famous these days for being Tom Hanks (though he is still also a talented actor). Keeping up his recent tradition of general hilarity, he stopped by The Colbert Report on Thursday to (not) promote his new film Cloud Atlas and to give some Halloween advice with the help of Saving Private Ryan co-star Matt Damon.

Just a week after accidentally dropping the f-bomb on Good Morning America and apologizing to the children of this great nation, Hanks appeared on Stephen Colbert’s program to offer those same kids tips on “inexpensive costumes that will make for a spook-tacular Halloween.”

Naturally, all of the costumes Hanks suggested were based on his prior film roles. That’s where actor Matt Damon came in, decked out in full-WWII gear, calling back to Saving Private Ryan which starred both actors.

“What is the deal, Hanks? You asked me to come down here! You said it was for charity!” Damon yelled. “I got better things to do, you know! I could be drunk right now in a movie theater, heckling Argo!”

(That last barb is a reference to Ben Affleck’s new film. Matt Damon and Affleck collaborated on Good Will Hunting way back in the day, and Affleck himself has become an incredibly successful director in the years since).

Hanks also not-so-subtly promoted his new film Cloud Atlas by parading a group of children onto the stage, all dressed as characters that the actor portrays in the upcoming film. “Together we are a manifestation of the same spirit through time sharing a common universal human yearning!” announced one.

Hanks insisted that he needs to promote himself what with “that punk Joseph Gordon-Levitt nipping at (his) heels.”

All joking aside, Colbert was thrilled to have Hanks and Damon stop by his show:

Here’s the video of Tom Hanks and Matt Damon on The Colbert Report:

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