Nick And Vanessa Lachey Adorably Discuss Family Life After Welcoming Third Baby Last Month

Proud parents Nick and Vanessa Lachey welcomed their third addition on Christmas Eve and are now ready to talk about how life as a family has changed.

Nick openly discussed how life has been since Vanessa gave birth several months early to son Phoenix Robert in an interview with Us Weekly. The 43-year-old father is quoted as calling life “mellow” as he and Vanessa enjoy time with their children.

“The Lachey family could not get any cuter! Nick Lachey opened up to Us Weekly about how life as a family of five is going — and surprisingly, he describes their day-to-day with an infant as anything but chaotic.”

The couple is also parents to 4-year-old son Camden and 2-year-old daughter Brooklyn, but seems to enjoy having their hands full with the little ones as reported by the site.

“Part of the fun of kids is the craziness and you’ve got to embrace that side of it as well.”

Nick also stated that newborn Phoenix is pretty quiet and mellow for the time being, but the singer can foresee some rough years ahead as he and Vanessa deal with three kids age 6 and under.

“I think the real chaos is going to come in a couple years when he’s 2 and Brooklyn’s 4 and Camden’s 6. … Then I can just imagine it’s going to be craziness.”

However, the father-of-three went on to state he is enjoying spending time with Camden and Brooklyn while Vanessa handles baby duty. In fact, Nick stated he has “daddy time” in the mornings with the two older children as he wakes them and gets them ready for the day.

“Every day I wake the kids up. Morning time is kind of ‘daddy time,’ and that’s something I look forward to every day.”

So in LOVE with these two! ❤️

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Nick added that taking his children to Disneyland now that they’re older is something he enjoys as he looked forward to the day his kids would enjoy the bigger rides.

“I was shocked because Camden was all about going on the roller coasters, which, as a dad, that’s a day that I always looked forward to.”

But Nick wasn’t done boasting about his son. The former 98 Degrees member said Camden also loves to sing, and Nick and Vanessa often listen to their son singing through his monitor.

“He’s into music and he loves to sing. We’ll put him to bed, and on the monitor we’ll hear singing going on in his bedroom — and who knows what he’s singing about, but you’ll hear him singing away!”

Prior to Lachey discussing life with three kids, he opened up about why his marriage with Vanessa works. People covered Nick’s answers as he was asked how he and Vanessa make their relationship “solid.”

“It’s kind of cliché but communication is the biggest thing in a relationship. You have to talk, you have to express yourselves. You don’t want to look back and resent not being heard.”

It seems he and Vanessa have mastered the art of communicating even while raising a house full of kids as they continue to wow fans with their loving photos. Vanessa shared a flashback photo last month as she reflected on the family’s past holiday card featuring their two oldest children and a messy house.

It definitely shows this family-of-five knows how to have a good time and roll with the punches, even when life gets a bit hectic. Or, as Nick put it, as life gets mellow. Mrs. Lachey also gave fans a glimpse at how they spent New Year’s Eve as they celebrated at noon.

“Happy ‘Noon’ Years Eve!!! The best way to party like a rockstar with two kids and a newborn! Haha! Ring it in at NOON!”

Even with a premature newborn in the house, both Nick and Vanessa seem to be in good spirits as they enjoy spending time with all of their kids before things really get chaotic in the future!

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