WWE News: WWE Planning To Reveal Two Brand New Title Belt Designs In The Near Future

As the years have gone on, there have been a number of different championships and a lot of different title belts in WWE. Some of the titles have come and gone without leaving much of a legacy, while others have been unified with others to combine their history. Well, it appears as if two long-time titles are about to each receive new looks as the Intercontinental and United States Championships are going to receive brand new designs.

Right now, Dean Ambrose is the title holder for the Intercontinental Championship over on SmackDown LIVE. On Monday Night Raw, Chris Jericho is in his first-ever reign as the United States Champion after recently winning it from Roman Reigns. The current title designs for both belts have been in place for a while, but that will soon change.

According to Wrestling Inc., WWE was looking to change up the look of the Intercontinental Title back in November, but things haven’t yet happened. Now, according to a Reddit source known as “dvizzle,” both the IC and U.S. belts are going to be redesigned.

wwe news two new title belts intercontinental united states championship

Dvizzle said that while the original plan was to change the design of just one belt, things have changed and both mid-card championships are going to get new looks.

“No eta, no clue on design other than it’s NOT copies of the Big Logo,” he said.

For those that have watched WWE for a while, they know that both the WWE Championship (SmackDown LIVE) and Universal Championship (Monday Night Raw) have designs which are represented by huge WWE logos. The WWE Title has been that way for quite some time and the Universal Title started out that way when it debuted back in August.

The Women’s Championship belts were transferred to the big WWE logo look when the Diva’s Title was retired back around WrestleMania 32. Upon the brand extension in the summer, the Raw and SmackDown Women’s Championships split and became mirror images but in different colors.

With a new era of wrestling and superstars in WWE, it appears as if that is going to spill over into the gold as well.

The majority of old-school fans would love to see more classic title styles come back to the belts currently in WWE. For years, they have clamored and begged for the eagle style to make its return to the WWE Championship, but they appear content with the current version.

wwe news two new title belts intercontinental united states championship

Ever since the United States Title became a part of WWE, after the WCW buyout, it has looked pretty much the same. Sure, the logo at the top of the belt has changed with how it has changed for the company, but not much else has been altered on it since 2003.

The Intercontinental Title looked the same for a long time except for some color changes. In 1998, a new round-shaped belt was introduced and used for more than a decade. In 2011, Stardust (Cody Rhodes) won the title and decided the bring back the classic style which pleased a lot of hardcore wrestling fans, according to SE Scoops.

For now, it isn’t known when the new belt designs will make their debuts on WWE television or what they’ll look like.

For those wondering if Dvizzle on Reddit has any credibility, he did report last August that the new WWE Universal Championship would look just like the WWE Championship belt. Obviously, he was right, and he even called that the color of the new title would be red.

The WWE Intercontinental Championship has seen a few redesigns here and there ever since becoming a major title back in 1979. The United States Championship has also had a number of different belts to represent its champion as it has traveled across multiple promotions since 1975. All title belts get some tweaks or even entirely new looks over time, and it appears as if the second-highest titles on Monday Night Raw and SmackDown LIVE are the next to get such treatment.

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