WWE News: Cody Rhodes Speaks About Who Helped Him In WWE, And How To Deal With Life In Vince McMahon's Company

Cody Rhodes had not been himself in WWE for quite a long time as he portrayed the persona of Stardust for years. Once that got to be a bit too much, Rhodes got to a point where he needed to move on, and he parted ways with the company. Now, he's doing his own thing and still remembering his time spent with the company that his father and brother had seen much success in.

In late May of this year, Cody Rhodes revealed that he had requested his release from WWE as he simply wasn't happy with the path his career was taking. Soon after, he was granted his release from the company, and so was his wife, Brandi, who went with him.

Since then, Rhodes has appeared on the independent scene while also working dates for EVOLVE, Ring of Honor, and recently, TNA Impact Wrestling.

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ESPN recently spoke with the former WWE Intercontinental, WWE Tag Team, and WWE World Tag Team Champion about his time with the company. He said that his goal upon starting with the company was to become WWE champion as it was the "one thing that my Dad was never."

While he had great success with the company, he never did reach that goal. Still, he always aimed to improve, and there were a few big names that helped him accomplish that.

"I had a habit of watching classic wrestling pretty much on repeat in the locker rooms. With the influx of talent at WWE, with guys like Kevin Owens, he was one of the first people to open my eyes up to the world that is PWG and BOLA. My longstanding friendship with Daniel Bryan had already opened up my eyes to the Ring of Honor brand [as well as Evolve]."
Yes, it's true that Cody Rhodes left the company that every young and old wrestler is trying to get into, but it is what he wanted to do. He's not against anyone going into WWE or trying to get a job with Vince McMahon's company.

Actually, Rhodes has advice for those looking to get signed by WWE, and it is that they need to learn how to "deal with the political element, the financial element, and also the grueling schedule element." That should come as no surprise as many wrestlers have parted ways with WWE due to being on the road far too many days each year.

Upon going out on his own, Cody Rhodes was able to control his own destiny and do things on his own.

wwe news cody rhodes vince mcmahon kevin owens daniel bryan
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Doing things on his own meant that he was free to sign with TNA Impact Wrestling, which saw him make his on-air debut back at Bound For Glory on Oct. 2, as reported by WrestleZone. On that pay-per-view, he attacked Mike Bennett and went on to defeat him in a match a couple of weeks later.

Since then, Rhodes and his wife Brandi have appeared regularly for TNA. On the Oct. 20 episode of Impact Wrestling, he even got a shot at the TNA World Heavyweight Championship held by Eddie Edwards but failed to capture it.

Cody Rhodes is doing well for himself, and he obviously had a gameplan in place for when he left WWE. That's something that he said is not common, and most superstars end up rather lost after parting ways with the company.

"A lot of times when people are released, or unfortunately get fired, they almost scramble for what it is they are going to do next. I think when you are no longer working under a big corporate umbrella, you have to be your own brand, your own enterprise. That was my thought process before I left."
His time in WWE did really make a name for him, even though he actually created two characters; Cody Rhodes and Stardust. Now, Rhodes is spending his time in Ring of Honor, TNA Impact Wrestling, and on the independent circuit. The talented star from a wrestling family has a lot of gratitude for guys like Daniel Bryan and Kevin Owens while not being against advising others how to survive in WWE. One thing seems certain, though, and it's that his time employed by Vince McMahon is done for good.

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