Another ‘Supergirl’ Episode To Be Directed By Kevin Smith, Who’s Already Directed Tomorrow’s Episode Of ‘Supergirl,’ And Two Episodes Of ‘The Flash’

As reported by ScreenRant, tomorrow night’s Supergirl episode directed by Kevin Smith will soon be followed by a second one this season. Smith is rapidly becoming the go-to guy for both Supergirl and The Flash when they want to have a heartfelt, meaningful episode. This isn’t surprising since Kevin Smith has a long history with both comic books and comic book characters.

Supergirl’s Melissa Benoist. [Image by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for Entertainment Weekly]

The title of tomorrow’s episode of Supergirl – “Supergirl Lives” – as directed by Kevin Smith is loosely based on a script for a movie that Smith worked on in the 1990s called Superman Lives. This movie was to have starred Nicolas Cage as Superman and apparently revolved around the 1990s comic book issues in which Superman died and then later returned to life.

However, looking at the teaser trailers so far released for tomorrow’s episode of Supergirl, it doesn’t look like the actual episode itself – other than the title – will have much to do with the earlier movie script or the comic book on which it was based. For instance, one of the trailers for this new Supergirl episode shows the villain Roulette returning – no doubt enslaving more aliens.

According to Comicbook, the trailer shows Supergirl and Mike/Mon-el having just popped through something that looks very much like the Stargate from the series of the same name. Unfortunately for them, the planet they’ve arrived on has a red sun, meaning they have no powers whatsoever. Even worse for the intrepid pair, the portal closes behind them and they’re trapped.

This episode seems like it was tailor-made for Kevin Smith, who lives and breathes this kind of comic book scenario. It’s safe to assume that the second episode he will be doing for Supergirl will also play to his strengths, such as a wringing every drop of emotion from a situation.

Greg Berlanti – the principal producer and force behind not only Supergirl, but the other DC/CW properties Arrow, The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow – has displayed a knack for choosing just the right director for just the right episode.

Last year, Smith directed his first superhero television episode on The Flash. That episode involved Barry Allen/Flash appearing to be destroyed during an experiment, but actually being transported to the speed force dimension. This gave him the opportunity to interact with his dead mother – or at least seeming to.

It was the pull-at-the-heartstrings kind of writing that Kevin Smith just loves. He’s often mentioned on social media and on YouTube how often he breaks out crying while watching episodes of The Flash. This season, he directed another episode of The Flash that was similarly emotional in tone.

So it’s safe to assume that tomorrow night’s episode of Supergirl– as well as the one that will follow it later in the year – will play on relational aspects of the characters in the show. For instance, we might see the budding romance between Kara/Supergirl and Mike/Mon-el take a few small steps forward. Or we could see more about the relationship between Alex Danvers and Maggie Sawyer.

For comic book fans and fans of Supergirl, another important reveal that could take place in tomorrow night’s episode would be the appearance of Mike/Mon-el’s comic book superhero costume.

In the comic books, Mon-el is essentially a carbon copy of Superman, having virtually all of the same powers. In Supergirl, he’s much less powerful. In fact, he can’t even fly. But despite this, the producers have let slip that is costume – once he has one – is going to be quite similar to what we see in the comics. If so, then we might in tomorrow night’s Supergirl episode see him wearing an outfit that essentially reverses the colors of Superman’s.

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