Sex Doll Frightens Burglars, Thieves Retreated After Smashing Into Art Shop

The owner of Demuz Art, located in Tarring, West Sussex, believes his six-foot-tall sex doll named Sheila stopped a group of thieves from ransacking his caricature shop and stealing his art supplies.

Although the burglars did steal about £1,000 ($1,238) of materials from the art shop during the thievery, caricaturist Derrick Thompson believes it could have been much worse if it wasn’t for his sex doll Sheila standing guard over the store.

Derrick purchased Sheila in 2016, according to Metro, so he could pose her next to his various works of art in an effort to draw customers into his shop and start discussions that might lead to sales.

Sheila is usually kept on the sofa, where she sits to welcome customers into the shop. Her life-like appearance is modeled after the perception of a stereotypical western girlfriend. However, rather than provide companionship, as she was meant to, Sheila stopped burglars that smashed through the front door of the art shop and frightened them away.

Thompson’s assistant, Paul Smith, finds it funny that a sex doll scared off a couple of thieves, but is glad she did.

“Sheila wouldn’t have done much when they broke in, but she must have freaked them out and sped up the theft.”

The German made sex doll was purchased from eBay, according to the Mirror. She has proved to be more than just a pretty face in the shop and possibly the most valuable employee.

Since Sheila the sex doll stopped the burglars from stealing more than they did before being frightened off, Thomspon and Smith set Sheila up with her own social media account in an effort to capitalize on her newfound celebrity status, in hopes it would draw customers to their shop. In the short time the accounts have been live, Sheila has acquired more over 1,500 friends and over 250 followers. Her fans are spread across the world, including America, the United Kingdom, Asia, and even the Middle East.

Oddly, Sheila receives messages from her friends and followers, many telling her how beautiful she is and offering to protect her from harm. Thompson wonders how many of the followers think she is real, or if they just have a mannequin fetish. Regardless, he usually responds with messages stating she has a boyfriend or he is her brother.

Thompson claims his girlfriend Nina gave Sheila her name.

Despite being labeled as a sex doll, possibly for those with specific fetishes, Thompson claims that Sheila does not have the correct accessories to be used as a sex doll. He states that his purchase of Sheila was solely to be used as a prop in his shop to draw customers in and start conversations while gaining business.

A spokesman for the police department claims that Thompson’s shop was not the only one to be burgled by the thieves.

“Just after 10.30am on Sunday (8 January) police received a report of a burglary at Demuz Art shop in South Street, Tarring. At 9.45 am On Monday (9 January) police received a second report that a nearby property in Becket Road, had also be been burgled and a number of tools were taken. It is believed that this took place sometime between 2am on Sunday and 7am Monday.”

Authorities ask anyone with information to reach out as they attempt to apprehend the crooks.

Sheila’s newfound celebrity status will not way her from standing guard over the art shop. Thompson hopes it sends a message to all thieves that anything could be waiting inside a shop at night. It isn’t worth the risk.

[Featured Image by Ricardo Reitmeyer/Shutterstock]