Best Scary-Fun Horror Movies To Watch With A Group Of Friends

Whether it’s because of their scary nature or because they are simply fun, some of the best horror movies are better when viewed with friends. Some found horror movies like The Exorcist to be so scary that they wouldn’t watch it by themselves, and then there are outrageous movies like Jason Takes Manhattan that can probably only be enjoyed by a group sharing the laughs.

The Exorcism of Emily Rose

While the ’73 Exorcist film is an absolute masterpiece, this is still one of the better horror films centered on possession. Supposedly based on a true story, a young woman moves from a small town to New York to attend college. Almost as soon as she arrives she begins to see visions and experience horrible happenings. The Exorcism of Emily Rose was considered one of the best horror movies of 2015, and it is absolutely scary. There isn’t much comic relief in this tale, but it’s fun to watch with a group nonetheless.

Halloween: Resurrection

A group of reality-game show contestants stay the night in the famed Michael Myers’ house, and what they witness will be shown live on the internet.

The Halloween franchise is one of the most popular in the genre, and the first installment forever changed the way horror movies were conceived. But none were as scary as the original, and out of the entire collection Halloween: Resurrection is probably the most ridiculous — but it’s a whole lot of fun. This was also the last film in the collection to feature Jamie Lee Curtis (whose career was skyrocketed after she starred in the original).

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Evil Dead 2

Evil Dead is about a gathering of friends at a remote cabin in the woods. And wouldn’t you know it, they accidentally release evil spirits. This sequel takes off where the predecessor left off; Ash must continue to fight and kill the wicked creatures.

With his chainsaw-arm and boom-stick, Ash has become one of the legendary icons in horror movie culture; as has the actor who portrays him, Bruce Campbell. This trilogy is known for its outlandish gore and slapstick humor, and Evil Dead 2 is often considered the best from the franchise.

Cabin in the Woods

Friends take a weekend trip together to a cabin in the woods and crazy stuff ensues. If this title and plot reminds you of the premise from the last feature, that’s no coincidence. From Evil Dead to zombie movies and killers, this witty comedy pays tribute to nearly every icon and trope out of the genre.

Critics gave high praise to this film and IndiWire describes it as one of the best horror movies from the last decade. “[It] ranks among one of the most wryly self-aware works of American pop culture entertainment in years.”

You’re Next

A family getaway turns to a nightmare when a group of masked maniacs start killing them off one by one. But the intruders are in for a surprise; one of the would-be victims has a talented knack for defending herself.

Home invasion movies are often worth skipping and offer nothing new, but with its wit and scary moments, You’re Next is a must-watch for fans of horror movies.

Jason X

Though Jason Voorhees has become entrenched in our pop culture, none of the movies featuring the machete-wielding maniac have been considered good. But when he heads to outer space to wreak havoc on a spaceship, the laugh-out-loud moments pile up along with the bodies.

Scream 4

Ghostface is back to continue terrorizing Sidney Prescott. But who is behind the mask this time?

When the late Wes Craven created Scream it rejuvenated the horror industry. All of the movies in the Scream collection are an absolute blast, but the third addition was considered subpar compared to the first two. This fourth (and so far final) installment was a great improvement from the third. No one knew horror movies more than Wes Craven, and no one did scary tactics better.

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