Bryan Cranston’s ‘Power Rangers’ Character Revealed In New Trailer

Bryan Cranston is set to become the leader of the Power Rangers, according to the Huffington Post. The Breaking Bad actor has a whole new raft of responsibilities now that he’s mentoring the Rangers in a new official Power Rangers trailer.

The new trailer released by Lionsgate on Thursday offers Power Rangers fans the first peek at Bryan Cranston, who is set to play Zordon in the new March 24 film. Zordon serves as the Rangers’ mentor (but hopefully not the kind of mentor that will be teaching them to cook meth like Cranston’s character in Breaking Bad).

Many viewers noted that in the new film, which is based on the hit 1993 TV series Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers, the visual effects team has given Bryan Cranston’s character quite the CGI upgrade compared to the original 1993 TV show.

Nothing can be more pleasant than working alongside Bryan Cranston (ask Jesse Pinkman to clarify this). And Dacre Montgomery (Red), RJ Cyler (Blue), Becky G (Yellow), Ludi Lin (Black), and Naomi Scott (Pink) all get to sample that.

Bryan Cranston’s Zordon serves as the leader of the Power Rangers, who embark on a mission to stop Elizabeth Banks’ Rita Repulsa and her minions. But Zordon warns the Rangers that it’ll be tough to accomplish that mission.

“The answer to what is happening to you is here. You five are the Power Rangers. The Power Rangers were a legion of warriors. You must become those warriors.”

Power Rangers starring Bryan Cranston is directed by Dean Israelite and will hit the big screen on March 24. As for the small screens, the Breaking Bad actor will sneak on TV for at least another season, as Amazon has just renewed Sneaky Pete.

The Amazon TV show, which is being directed, produced, and written by Bryan Cranston in addition to his starring role, has been renewed less than a week after the full first season debuted on the streaming service, according to Variety.

It’s no surprise that Amazon has renewed Bryan Cranston’s show, as the streaming service claims the first season starring Giovanni Ribisi as Pete now holds the second-biggest premiere day streaming audience.

In a statement announcing Sneaky Pete‘s Season 2, Amazon Studios’ head of comedy and drama, Joe Lewis, praised Bryan Cranston and Graham Yost for doing “a masterful job” with the show.

“Both the critical response and our customers’ engagement with the series are key factors in our enthusiasm to bring our audience a second season of Sneaky Pete.”

His fans may know him as dangerous meth-cooking Walter White from AMC’s Breaking Bad, but Bryan Cranston says he was a bad guy long before he played the character for five seasons on the AMC series, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

In his interview with the Hollywood Reporter, Bryan Cranston confessed he was “a sneaky kid” who had a “basic troubled childhood.”

“My parents split. My father was out of the picture. My mom was an alcoholic. I was growing up too fast. And my family started calling me Sneaky Pete because of my behavior.”

So basically, Bryan Cranston’s childhood inspired him and House creator David Shore to make Sneaky Pete happen. The TV series was originally offered to CBS in 2014, but the network rejected the pilot.

Then Bryan Cranston and Shore started shopping their series around until Amazon decided to give it a shot. After testing Sneaky Pete with its subscribers, the response was positive and the streaming service ordered a full first season.

And after the first season’s success, Amazon renewed the Bryan Cranston and Shore co-created series for Season 2. Sneaky Pete is centered on an ex-con man who assumes his cell mate’s identity to be able to start off with a clean slate after he gets out of prison.

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