Spider-Man Vs Spider-Man: Tom Holland Reveals Which Movie Version Would Win In A Fight

If Spider-Man from the Spider-Man movies was able to fight himself between the three actors, who would win? Tom Holland’s answer might not surprise you, but it’s not all opinion in this case.

Tobey Maguire, Andrew Garfield, and Tom Holland have all played the titular superhero for Sony, though Holland’s version was the one we saw for the first time back under Marvel’s partial control. Sony still owns the characters, but they decided to get Marvel’s help after two failed attempts at a series.

Tobey Maguire’s version was the most relatable for some, turning down the humor for a more sympathetic approach. If you didn’t previously like the character, his version probably sold you right away. You could feel his struggle as he attempted to balance a job, school, and being a superhero, sometimes at the same time. That feeling of a down to earth Spider-Man unfortunately left in the wake of an “emo” Peter Parker unlocked by a combination of the Venom symbiote and relationship problems. The dancing routine turned Maguire’s version into a walking joke, and Spider-Man 3 into a borderline musical as Kirsten Dunst flexed her pipes on the Broadway-style stage.

'Spider-Man 3's dancing scenes were part of what ruined it.

Andrew Garfield brought back Spider-Man’s sense of humor and cockiness, though his initial film was too easily forgettable aside from probably one of the most epic Stan Lee cameos ever seen. When Sony tried to put three villains in the second film, they failed once more with the infamous cut-off scene where he attacked Rhino with a manhole cover. Many fans felt that the fight should have played out at least since that scene was in the trailers.

Tom Holland’s version debuted alongside Black Panther in Captain America: Civil War and won many fans over with his less cocky sense of humor and more humble Peter Parker. With Homecoming on the way, Sony and Marvel are teaming up to help make Spider-Man great again.

ShortList Magazine interviewed Tom Holland and asked him the ultimate fan question, says Games Radar. In a fight between Spider-Man, Spider-Man, and Spider-Man (between the actors, anyway), which one would win. Tom didn’t hesitate to say he would “absolutely” beat Tobey and Andrew’s versions.

Holland also offered a practical disadvantage for those placing bets. He claimed that his own version of the Spider-Man suit was a “solid three” out of ten in how comfortable it was. A full-body suit could definitely be something you would want to get out of as soon as possible, especially in Summer months.

Batman actor Michael Keaton experienced a similar issue, telling Val Kilmer to use a lot of talcum powder to prevent itching.

Val Kilmer's Batman may have been easier with Michael Keaton's advice.

The suit Tobey wore had been made with common material and didn’t come with a web shooter since Peter Parker had the webs come out of his wrists in that version. It wasn’t entirely handy (if you’ll pardon the pun), as the story even dealt with the complications of the webbing not being mechanical. It became part of the main plot of Spider-Man 2 when the web wouldn’t come out due to Peter’s lack of confidence.

Andrew’s suit included mechanical web shooters and appeared generally easier to move around in, eschewing the black piping of Tobey’s version.

Tom’s version might have given him the full advantage from the beginning since it was partially built by Tony Stark (Robert Downey, Jr.) as a favor for helping him against Captain America (Chris Evans). Having plenty of experience in building suits, Tony probably aimed for maximum comfort and utility at the same time, even giving the suit a kind of underarm web wing.

We haven’t really seen much of the latest Spider-Man, as Tom only had about five minutes of screen time in his first appearance. We may need to see Spider-Man: Homecoming to get more of a look at the suit and Peter’s abilities with it.

[Feature Image by Sony Pictures/Marvel Studios]