Barron Trump Plays Peek-A-Boo With Nephew: Entertains Baby And The Masses [Opinion]

Uncle Barron Trump took the initiative to keep his nephew occupied as his dad, President Donald Trump, sat at a desk and signed the traditional executive orders. Standing behind his dad, Barron appeared as a typical 10-year-old kid who was inquisitive about just what it was that his dad was signing. As Barron looked over President Trump’s shoulder, one paper started to look like the next. It appeared this process got very boring for the first son, as it would for any kid.

Considering how the signing of papers isn’t much of a spectator sport or even a deed that is able to hold anyone’s interest for very long, Barron got just a bit fidgety after a dozen papers passed under his dad’s many pens. This ceremony traditionally constitutes a new pen for every signature and then each pen is handed off as a memento of the occasion. In President Trump’s case, he handed them to the people gathered around the desk who were watching him as put his signature on these documents.

Barron’s light bout of restlessness, which entailed only a slight anxious-like jiggling movement, came to a halt when he heard his baby nephew starting to fuss. The baby, who was in the arms of his mom and Barron’s oldest sister, Ivanka Trump, had become a bit restless himself. While the baby wasn’t crying, it sounded as though he might be working his way up to becoming a bit fussy when Uncle Barron stepped in.

Barron once again stole the show, just like he did the night of the Republican debate and the night his dad won his bid for the presidency. This time it was with his attempt to keep this little toddler occupied and entertained with a round of peek-a-boo during this signing ceremony.

These few minutes gave the audience at home another endearing moment to watch, coming from this adorable 10-year-old boy. This time Barron was coming to the rescue and not battling the sandman. The last two times Barron was on TV for any length of time America watched as a tired Barron struggled to stay awake in the wee hours of the morning.

Barron looked much older than his years all decked out in his suit at today’s events. As Us Magazine suggests, Barron’s mode of dress was “dapper,” but he “looked nonplussed, like many 10-year-olds, as his father was sworn into office.” Barron wasn’t the only one who looked unsure about what to do with themselves as the inauguration ceremony got underway. When the cameras scanned the rows of special guests up on the stage, many had that same type of demeanor about them.

Barron’s actions today will surely calm the social media sites users who were very concerned about Barron missing from the pre-inauguration events on Thursday. This also gave the public a look at a caring young boy, who was concerned about keeping his little nephew happy as he started to make some noise.

While Barron has four half-siblings, he is the only child in the Donald and Melania Trump home, but it was quite apparent that Barron knew the appropriate way to approach a fussy baby. He wasn’t overbearing as he tried to get his nephew to laugh by hiding his eyes behind his hands and then opening his hands to reveal his face in a peek-a-boo-like action. Barron approached this baby in a very gentle way. For the people at home, who were very happy when the pile of papers were finally signed, Barron entertained them along with that baby.

Ivanka looked happy to have this distraction for her little one, as the family was basically a captive audience at President Donald Trump’s big televised signing ceremony. These few moments of watching Barron in action in the background of President Trump’s televised signing, gave the nation a look at Barron in a way they haven’t seen before.

As you can see in the above video, at one point Barron didn’t appear too happy and mom, Melania Trump, had a few words with him. It wasn’t too long after that when his demeanor did an about-face. This happened after he was around the other kids and then kicked-in to help quiet his little nephew. The fascination with Barron Trump is only growing, as he is the first young son to move into the White House (which he will eventually do once the school year is over) in over 50 years.

Another comment making the rounds online today is regarding Barron’s looks. He is a handsome young man who appears to dress very much like his father. This makes him look much older than 10. Because he is naturally tall many expect Barron to act older than he actually is. What America got to see today was the first son demonstrate his heart of gold.

This wasn’t something the lad did to grab the spotlight. Barron was not aware that his actions gathered any attention at all, except maybe from his tiny nephew. He was too busy with the task at hand to care about what others were doing at the time. This just strengthened the bond America is forming with the young boy in the White House.

[Featured Image by Patrick Semansky/AP Images]