Kylie Jenner Raises Half A Million Dollars For Charity Through Lip Kit Sales

Kylie Jenner is proving to be quite the entrepreneur as she’s thanked for raising money to help kids born with a cleft palette.

Jenner has reportedly raised almost $500,000 to help the charity Smile Train, an organization that provides surgeries for children in poverty struck nations. Kylie has dedicated one of her lip kits, appropriately named “Smile,” to the cause as she raises money for the charity. The Smile lip kit is a limited edition pale pink shade that Kylie Cosmetics has now offered several times on the website.

The latest time was January 5, with the lip kits selling out within a few days. The charity shared a photo of children holding a sign thanking Jenner for her contribution.

Fans were generally impressed with Kylie’s latest donation total as they shared their opinions on the post.

“Thank you Kylie. Lovely to use your fame to help this worthy cause.”

“Congrats @kyliejenner just earned my full respect”

However, some people are not impressed with the 19-year-old’s initial donation as they believe she could have contributed more. The first time Kylie offered Smile lip kits and donated to the charity, she only gave $159,500, a number that didn’t sit well with some people.

One Instagram user summed up what fans were thinking when they saw the amount.

“SMH every time I see this photo…she couldn’t round up and cut a little bigger check? Maybe she needs better communication with the @kyliecosmetics accounting department.. 159,500?? Not 160,000 or even 200,000. That is pocket change to that business considering how pricey the product and shipping is!”

But it seems as if her second round of donating raised more money as the lip kits were available for a longer period of time, suggesting her company may have produced more this time. The Daily Mail reported on Jenner’s half million dollar donation, as she was thanked for her contribution.

“Kylie Jenner has been thanked for raising half a million dollars for charity through her cosmetics company.”

The site reported Kylie’s donation will help fund almost 2,000 surgeries for children with cleft palettes.

“The pale pink hue, named Smile, benefited Smile Train charity to the tune of $500,000 — and will fund 1,800 surgeries.”

Daily Mail also stated that Kylie donated all 100 percent of the proceeds from the sale of Smile to the charity, something that not every brand does when raising money for organizations.

“…donated 100 per cent of the proceeds of sales to the charity, which supports free cleft palate surgery for millions of children around the world.”

People quoted Smile Train’s CEO as she expressed her gratitude toward Kylie, as the cosmetics mogul presented the second check for $300,000.

“Smile Train has been aware of Kylie’s generous heart and her commitment to helping children through her #IAmMoreThan social media campaign and her many visits to children’s hospitals.”

The CEO, Susannah Schaefer, said Kylie made for the perfect partner as she has “selflessness, huge heart and extremely generous giving spirit.”

“It’s the perfect synergy because Smile Train’s core vision is to help children with clefts not only receive new smiles, but also build confidence. There’s nothing more powerful than a smile.”

Fans seemed to agree with Susannah’s statements as they commented that it’s nice to see Kylie Cosmetics doing something for people.

“at least they are doing something other companys (sic) don’t even care”

And while Kylie could arguably donate money without the help of lip kit sales, she’s raising awareness through her company — something her fans have taken notice of.

“Such a beautiful thing @kyliejenner is doing”

[Featured Image by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]