Serena Williams Teases Fans On Instagram With Taco Engagement Ring

After Serena Williams announced her engagement to Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian, she posted a photograph of herself with what appeared to be a very large diamond engagement ring, but she teased fans on Instagram by touching up a photograph of her engagement ring and putting a taco in place of the diamond instead.

In an Instagram photo showing her engagement ring, Serena Williams wrote, “Sneak peek. It was a corn tortilla, of course, in case you were wondering.” In the photograph she took, a large taco sat on top of her platinum or silver engagement ring.

Serena has a penchant for tacos, as USA Today noted, and last year she even gave an autographed tennis racket to one of her fans because the fan had given her a T-shirt with a taco on it. Serena Williams joked, “She knows I like tacos. She’s really cool.”

Alexis Ohanian, fiance of Serena Williams, at the 2017 Australian Open at Melbourne Park on January 17, 2017 in Melbourne, Australia.

In fact, Serena Williams loves tacos so much that she often posts videos of herself making them for fans to watch.

“I make the best taco. Or my sister Lyn. If you ever watch my Snapchat, you know I don’t talk about my taco recipes. I don’t taco about it.”

Before Serena Williams showed off her engagement ring, with or without the taco, she announced her engagement on Reddit under the title of “Engagement shoe game,” which she submitted to Reddit’s “isaidyes” and “Sneakers” subreddits. Williams also included a poem on Reddit, which alluded to the fact that Alexis had asked her to marry him while they were at a table in Rome where they had happened upon each other and “met by chance.”

“I came home, a little late. Someone had a bag packed for me, and a carriage awaited. Destination: Rome, to escort me to my very own ‘charming,’ back to where our stars first collided, and now it was full circle. At the same table we first met by chance, this time he made it not by chance, but by choice. Down on one knee he said 4 words and I said yes.”

Alexis Ohanian replied to Serena Williams’ engagement post on Reddit by saying, “And you made me the happiest man on the planet.”

Serena and Alexis have been dating since October 2015, the Washington Post reports, and the pair met while at a lunch together. After sharing her engagement with the world, as well as her famous picture of that engagement ring, Serena Williams announced that she felt good.

“It feels good. I really haven’t thought about it too much. I wasn’t going to think about it until after the tournament. I keep saying that in February I will start looking at the bigger picture of my life.”

Serena Williams at day two of the 2017 Australian Open at Melbourne Park on January 17, 2017 in Melbourne, Australia.

Williams also said that she enjoyed the fact the her internet mogul fiance was so down to earth and friendly.

“He is an incredibly nice person. He really treats everyone the same, which is really cool to see.”

An insider told Entertainment Weekly that friends and family members of Serena Williams has never seen her this happy before and that the couple both agree about life goals and love to laugh together.

“They’ve never seen Serena this happy before with a man. It sounds cheesy, but it was love at first sight. they laugh non-stop and that really fuels their relationship. They are on the same page in life and are excited to start something great with each other.”

While Serena Williams has only shown her engagement ring twice, once in a photograph and another time on a date night, what do you think it really looks like without the taco on it, and will we be seeing it again soon?

[Featured Image by Scott Barbour/Getty Images]