First Lady Ivanka Trump? Denial From Trump’s Daughter She Will Assume Unusual Position In White House For Father Donald Trump

Should we be expecting to see a First Lady Ivanka Trump in the White House? As reported by USA Today, Donald Trump’s daughter Ivanka has repeatedly denied this would be the case, but one has to wonder. To use a Trumpian phrase, “many people are saying” that Ivanka might play a role in the Trump administration that has traditionally been filled by that of the President’s wife.

The Traditional First Lady

Ivanka Trump would usually have the position of First Daughter, not First Lady. In theory, the latter position would be held by Donald Trump’s current wife, Melania Trump. This is how it has been in almost all American presidencies. But it is not entirely clear this will prove to be the case in the Trump White House.

Still, some exceptions to this rule have been known in past administrations, such as in the case of Margaret Taylor, who was the wife of President Zachary Taylor. While technically still considered First Lady by the people who keep track of such things, Margaret Taylor actually turned over all the duties of White House hostess to her daughter Betty.

Ivanka Trump with Donald and Melania Trump voting. Ivanka Trump First Lady rumored.

Ivanka Trump with Donald and Melania Trump. [Image by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images]

Melania Long Distance First Lady

According to a report by CBS News, Melania Trump claims that she will be staying in New York City for at least the first six months of the Trump presidency. Her explanation for this odd arrangement is that she wants to allow her young son, Barron Trump, to complete the school year before moving to Washington, DC.

But as of yet, there is no clear date as to when Melania Trump would actually move from the Trump Tower luxury home in New York City where she now lives and into the White House in Washington, DC. Some have speculated that she might never do so, making a First Lady Ivanka Trump even more likely.

Many on the Internet and on Twitter in particular have suggested that Melania might have chosen to keep her distance from her husband because of the various Donald Trump sexual scandals that were revealed over the last year. These ranged from his comments about “p***y grabbing” to the accusations of sexual assault.

Embarrassment As First Lady

Ivanka Trump may also be taking on the position as First Lady because of Melania’s own embarrassing past. The numerous nude images of Melania plastered all over the Internet and her frequently questioned immigration status could be seen as a problem that is best avoided by leaving her in New York.

Ivanka Trump stares at father Donald as he speaks. Ivanka Trump First Lady pinch hitting might be possible.

Ivanka Trump and Donald Trump. [Image by Mark Makela/Getty Images]

Trump’s Relationship With Ivanka

Donald Trump seems to have an unusual relationship with his daughter Ivanka. Along with her husband, Jared Kushner, she has become one of Trump’s closest advisers during the lead up to the Inauguration date. In fact, Ivanka and her family are moving to Washington so she can be close at hand to assist her father.

On the other hand, some of Trump’s statements about Ivanka have caused considerable discomfort for the public, such as his suggestion that if she wasn’t his daughter, he would be dating her. Trump also indicated on the Howard Stern show that it was fine to describe his daughter as a “piece of a**.

Given such comments by Trump, it’s easy to see that a First Lady Ivanka Trump might engender endless late night jokes the incoming administration would rather not see repeated on social media. But with Ivanka’s apparent position in the upcoming Trump White House, they might just have to learn to live with it.

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