Barron Trump’s White House Bedroom And All His Favorite Stuff Part Of Five-Hour Frenzy

While the White House will not be Barron Trump’s full-time home until he finishes out the school year in Manhattan, he will have a bedroom at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Barron’s bedroom, along with the Trump family living quarters, will be put together in less than five hours in one unbelievable frenzy.

The White House will become a beehive as soon as the Obama family vacates their quarters for the last time. That will be Friday when they leave to attend Trump’s inauguration. Not only will Barron’s room be fashioned just the way he likes it, so will the rest of the Trump family’s living quarters. Barron is only 10, so he probably won’t appreciate the amount of transition that will take place at the White House, but he will reap the benefits.

As soon as Barron, the youngest son of Donald and Melania Trump, enters their new White House living quarters, it will be like he is at a home away from home. Not only will he have a room set up just as he prefers, via mom Melania’s specifications, but all his favorite drinks and food will be stocked and ready and waiting for him.

Between the time the Obama family leaves 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and the Trump family makes their first entrance into their new White House living quarters, only five or so hours will pass. It is within those five hours that the residence for the new first family will be set up in what the Washington Post calls “[t]he five craziest hours in the White House.”

President John F. Kennedy holds hands with his son, John F. Kennedy Jr., outside the White House in 1963. [Image by File/AP Images]

With Barron Trump being the first young son of a president to grace the White House halls in 50 years, there’s much attention coming his way. The world has a fascination with the first young boy to live in the White House since “John John” Kennedy.

Barron will return to the White House with his parents after his father’s inauguration ceremony is over and he will have his own bedroom waiting, as will the other members of the Trump family. It is not known what Barron and Melania have picked out for the color scheme or the type of furniture that was requested by the 10-year-old first son.

What is known that all of Barron’s favorite products, like toothpaste, shampoo, and soap, will be ready and waiting for him in his own personal quarters. No matter how big of a space is designated for Barron at the White House, it probably won’t be like having an entire floor of a skyscraper all to himself, as he does in Trump Towers.

The White House staff will know what every member of the Trump family likes, as far as food, snacks, and personal items. This will be stocked and waiting for the family so they can obtain it at a moment’s notice. While Barron Trump will be waited on by the White House staff, this might not be a novelty for him as it would be for other children. Barron is coming from those elite digs in Manhattan, a residence that would be hard to match.

On moving day, the Obama family’s moving trucks pull up to the west side of the White House and the trusted White House staff will not only oversee but help load the moving trucks. At the same time, the trucks that are moving the Trump family’s belongings into the White House will pull up on the East side.

This move is also done by the trusted White House staff, who leave their designated posts for the day to chip in. This is the staff who takes care of the first family, the building, and the grounds. It is not the political White House staff.

This frenzy begins at 10:31 a.m., as the Obama’s are slated to leave the White House for the last time at 10:30 a.m. to go to Trump’s inauguration. The new first family is expected to arrive back at the White House anywhere from 3:30 p.m. to 5 p.m., which means everything will need to be ready by 3:30 p.m. and no later.

Besides guarding both the Obama family and Trump family members, the Secret Service will have agents escorting both families’ personal belongings in both moves. The Obama family’s move out of the White House and the Trump family’s move into the White House will have the watchful eyes of the Secret Service on everyone’s belongings.

According to News Channel 5, Melania will have played a big part in what the first family’s living quarters will look like. This not only includes Barron’s room, but she will also have addressed all the things her son is accustomed to at home. Although Melania and Barron won’t be living at the White House full-time right away, she will make sure the living quarters will offer all the comforts they are accustomed to at home for her family.

A while ago, Donald Trump talked about getting a White House dog for Barron, and he even let on that it was a Goldendoodle he had set his sights on. Trump named the future dog, Patton, but so far there’s no sign of him. Considering Barron and his mom and dad still have another 24 hours until the White House is theirs, there’s plenty of time to obtain a pooch.

While the living quarters are expected to be set up with major input from Melania, she won’t have to lift a finger to do this. She would have previously handed over all the specifications to the folks in charge of this transition, just as Michelle Obama did when her family moved into the White House. There are 100 staff members caring for the first family and who have served in the White House from administration to administration. These will be people doing all this work, from the in-house staff to the staff that oversees the grounds.

The reason an army of movers isn’t hired for the day is simple: They don’t want to see one of the outgoing or incoming president’s belongings showing up on eBay, according to the Washington Post. Barron’s bedroom, along with the president and first lady’s bedroom, will be put in place just as if they have lived there for a long time.

President Ronald Reagan and Mrs. Nancy Reagan wave to photographers as they return to the White House in 1984. [Image by File/AP Images]

The personal effects of each family member such as clothes and toiletries will be hung in the closet and put in drawers, again, just how the new family likes it. According to the Washington Post, the living quarters offers up as many as 16 bedrooms and walls are added or taken away allowing the first family to have a bedroom the size they require. Melania is having her room enlarged.

You will not find one unopened box anywhere, even at the back of a closet. Within those five hours, everything is put in place. Rugs are cleaned or pulled up and new ones are put down. Then furniture is moved in, either from the White House archives, where all the historic furniture is stored, or brand new furnishings from a store. It all depends on what the Trump’s have ordered.

Walls will be painted, shower heads will be replaced, and even wallpapering will be done. Electricians will come in and put up new lighting fixtures, and plumbers will install shower heads along with any plumbing fixtures requested by the new first family. If Barron needs cable or Wi-Fi in his room, this will all be done in the five hours between the Obama’s moving out and the Trump’s moving in. It is expected that Barron will live in the White House on some weekends and school vacations for now. While at the White House, Barron won’t be without entertainment. The theater will be stocked with movies, and the bowling alley will have his shoe size.

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