‘Fairy Tail’ Manga Chapter 517: Wendy Reverses Eileen Belserion’s Enchantment Without Erza’s Help [Spoilers]

Chapter 517 of popular Japanese manga Fairy Tail may have focused primarily on the epic battle between Erza and Wendy Belserion, but it was packed with many surprises, including Wendy's true potential as a Sky Dragon Slayer. However, the Erza's commitment towards the Fairy Tail Guild and her promise to the Guild members that she would never hurt them or allow anyone else to do so, was truly tested to its limits.

[Warning: Fairy Tail manga Chapter 517 spoilers and 518 speculations are ahead.]

Chapter 516 of Fairy Tail shocked fans of the Japanese manga by confirming Wendy's inward transformation into Eileen Belserion. Owing to Eileen's successful enchantment, the former dragon queen managed to imprint herself completely onto Wendy. While Erza watched helplessly, her ally of all these years, suddenly became one of her worst nightmares as well as her dreaded adversary.

While it was difficult standing up against her own mother, Erza had the toughest challenge staring straight at her freind as she was being possessed. Although Erza had fought bravely with Eileen, it was a moral dilemma launching attacks on her own comrade, who she considered family.

However, when it becomes apparent that Eileen has completely hijacked Wendy's body, Erza doesn't hold back. But, Eileen's wisdom, acquired over several centuries, combined with Wendy's nubile body, is a lethal combination which proves too much for poor Erza. In the current chapter, Erza is seen struggling against Wendy Belserion.

A possessed Wendy confirms the transformation is complete, and even appreciates the young body and physique that Eileen has now assimilated using her enchantment magic that had failed when she had used it on her own daughter years earlier. Back when Erza was an infant, Eileen attempted to imprint herself onto her, but failed because the enchantment doesn't work on relatives and infants.


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However, it appears the strongest Spriggan 12 warrior had an eye on Wendy when she realized her true potential. In the previous chapter, Wendy had surprised her by revealing she was a dragon slayer as well, but did not undergo the cruel dragonification transformation that had tortured Eileen. In effect, Wendy was an ideal host for Eileen, and she seized the opportunity when it presented itself during the latter's confrontation with her own daughter.

From within Wendy, Eileen cruelly exclaimed that such a young body doesn't deserve a child that is older than her. Hence, it is imperative that Erza's existence must be wiped off immediately. What followed were a series of intense spells and attacks that were simply too powerful for Erza to counter effectively.

Just as all hope appeared lost for Erza, Eileen's body, which lay discarded by the sidelines, showed signs of life. Surprisingly, while Eileen had extracted Wendy, the latter had quietly sneaked inside the former's body. Owing to the fact that Wendy is a powerful dragon slayer and comes from an impressive lineage, she was not only able to survive the extraction, but managed to save herself by finding a host. Essentially, while Wendy Belserion was fighting Erza, the real Wendy was quietly recuperating within Eileen's old body and getting ready to fight back for what is rightfully hers.
Having regained her composure, through Eileen's old body, Wendy challenged Wendy Belserion and launched attacks that took the latter by surprise. It is quite possible that Eileen had slowly lost her powers from the beginning of her battle with Erza. Moreover, the enchantment was a taxing experience. From inside Eileen's body, Wendy successfully launched "Separation Enchantment," the spell that would reverse the one cast by Eileen. Interestingly, Wendy was able to pull off the magic because she now possessed the body of the most powerful member of the Spriggan 12 army, who, incidentally, also happened to be a dragon queen.
Shockingly, Wendy Belserion attempted to dissuade the original Wendy from reclaiming her body by tearing into the flesh of the body she currently possessed. However, Wendy's resolve remained unwavering. With Wendy successfully reentering her own body, she asked Erza if she would "leave the rest" to her. It is likely she was asking Erza to annihilate Eileen.
Chapter 518 of Fairy Tail is expected to be released without a break. Will Erza, who is clearly charged up for an intense battle with Eileen, attack relentlessly to avenge her friend's condition? Although Eileen is quite weak, will she put up a strong fight? There was no mention of Natsu in Chapter 517 of Fairy Tail. Hopefully, mangaka Mashima reveals his condition in the upcoming chapter of Fairy Tail.

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