Alex Davon Buckman: Missing Teen Football Star Found Dead, Dismembered In Landfill On ‘I, Witness’ Tonight

On ID’s I, Witness tonight, you’ll hear the tragic story of Alex Devon ‘Davon’ Buckman, a missing teen and former football player who was later found dead and dismembered in a South Carolina landfill 12 years ago. His story will be told by his devoted and loving sister LaCresha Stanton, who took up the search for her brother until his body was finally found. I, Witness is a documentary show on Investigation Discovery, which depicts real-life murder investigations and tells the story from the perspective of the person who lived through the tragic ordeal.

La Cresha Stanton sure knows more than enough about the agony she and her family went through when her 17-year-old brother disappeared. His killer turned out to be his friend Karlton Katrell Brockman. (also known as Karlton Kartrell Brockman)

Spartanburg County, South Carolina 2005

When 17-year-old Alex Devon “Davon” Buckman vanished in March 2005, his family was left with nowhere to turn. His disappearance was discovered after the family received a phone call that someone had beaten Buckman and thrown him in the trunk of a car, according to WSPA-7.

There were no more clues about what could have possibly happened to him. Alex Buckman’s family knew that he would never just walk off and leave his family for good, especially the infant son he left behind. Even if he was gone for a day or two, he’d always come home. But this time, he didn’t, and they knew that the explanation for his disappearance couldn’t be good.

LaCresha Stanton searched everywhere for her missing brother. Despite the deep agony that she felt, she kept pushing for information about where he was last seen and who he was last seen with. As she passed out fliers and pounded the pavement, she put the squeeze on anyone she believed had information. But the killer was right under her nose the entire time.

The Enemy Was Close

Grieving along with them was Karlton Katrell Brockman, a close friend of Alex Devon Buckman and a close friend of the family. When he disappeared, Karlton helped pass out the missing persons fliers. He was there at their South Carolina home when the family cried. He also showed deep emotion right along with them.

For several long months, Karlton knew that he was the one who had murdered his friend, along with two other men. The truth was finally discovered after Karlton Brockman talked about the killing in a letter to his girlfriend while he was locked up for robbery. The letter didn’t make it to the girlfriend. But the person who did open the letter immediately contacted police.

Karlton eventually confessed killing Alex Devon Buckman and led police to the body. Authorities say that Alex was stabbed to death and dismembered in a bathtub at a nearby home. The body parts were then placed in garbage bags and dumped in the Abbeville County Landfill, according to a document found at Spartanburg County.

Authorities realized that without the letter and the subsequent confession, Alex’s murder would most likely have never been solved. For his deadly deed, Karlton was found guilty and given a life sentence.

The following people were also charged in Alex’s death in 2005.

  • 25-year-old Ralph Flemming
  • 25-year-old Louis Tarane Patterson

Watch Alex Buckman’s story on I, Witness episode “Keep Your Enemies Closer” tonight on Investigation Discovery at 9/8 p.m. Central. Here is the tease from the Internet Movie Database.

“After the mysterious disappearance of her teenage brother, a determined South Carolina mother, LaCresha Stanton sets out on a relentless, grassroots investigation to extricate the truth from his tight-lipped circle of supposed friends.”

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