Formula 1 Legend Jenson Button’s Girlfriend Brittny Ward Goes Topless

Jenson Button’s main squeeze Brittny Ward treated her social media fans on Instagram with some eye candy after she posted topless photos of herself.

Brittny Ward decided to show off her incredibly sexy body on Instagram in some of her latest posts, which feature her posing topless. It is not clear whether her Formula 1 boyfriend, Jenson Button, approves but whatever the case, her Instagram fans were stoked to be treated to the sexy photos. The 25-year-old took the opportunity to flaunt her sexy form on the social platform.

A sneak peak at Ward while in the shower

One of the sexy posts that Brittny added to her Instagram page includes a video of herself while she was in the shower. The video features the young beauty naked while posing sideways against the camera. She hid her exposed breast by covering it with her hand, thus protecting her modesty. The dripping wet shower glass was the only thing between her and the camera and the shot only captured above the waist. It did, however, give a glance at her flawless skin.

Showing off a bit of shiny cleavage

Another post from Brittny revealed that she also likes shiny things. The photo featured the model covered in glitter. It focused on her cleavage, thus showing off her breasts slightly. She had however covered them with her arms.

Brittny’s third captivating photo featured her half naked with her arms covering her chest once again but this time the focus was on her derriere. The model clearly knows how to keep things steamy and exciting and is not afraid to go nude. The curvaceous model has been keeping her fans excited courtesy of her topless photos and her boyfriend does not seem to mind. Other than capturing the heart of the Formula 1 driver, Ward has also graced various magazine covers in which she also flaunts her sexy body.

Brittny Ward, Jenson Button's girlfriend goes topless

Brittny’s beauty is most likely the reason Button appears so smitten with her. She is also very supportive of his racing career as evident in one of the photos in which they were together. The photo featured the two embracing each other while clad in racing outfits. They were also smiling and seemed very happy together.

“This is what you call sexy!” one fan commented on the photo on social media.

The couple has been seen together on different occasions especially during racing events. They brought their relationship into the public limelight about three months after Jenson’s divorce with ex-wife Jessica Michibata who was also a model. The two had been dating on and off since 2009 but they got married in 2014. Unfortunately, they decided to call it quits after just one year.

Brittny Ward Jenson Button's girlfriend goes topless

Ward showed her support to her boyfriend in November last year after he struck out during the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. His McLaren racing car suffered a wishbone failure just 14 laps into the race. The Formula 1 racing driver recently announced that he plans to end his Grand Prix career. He has been racing since 2000 and has participated in about 305 races.

“I don’t think we’ve ever had a failure like this,” Jenson told his team.

Despite the unfortunate conclusion of his career, the 36-year-old racing driver had a great career. He was also lucky enough to have Brittny by his side supporting him through the bitter-sweet moment. Most of his fans think that he is very lucky to have a lengthy career as well as a very beautiful girlfriend. Speaking of their relationship, it is not clear what Jenson thinks of his girlfriend Brittny’s nude Instagram posts though he most likely wants her to do what makes her happy.

[Featured Image by Clive Mason/Getty Images]