Where Is Carrie Fisher’s Dog Gary? His Aunt Joely Gives An Update, Tom HIddleston Reveals He Was Gary’s Rubber Duck Handler For One Night

It has been three weeks since we tragically lost Carrie Fisher and her mother, Debbie Reynolds. In the midst of all of this tragedy, fans of the Postcards from the Edge star want to know one thing: Where is Gary, Fisher’s faithful dog? Who is taking care of him? His Aunt Joely Fisher has updated fans on how the little guy is doing. In addition, Tom Hiddleston shared a charming recollection of a special evening caring for Gary at the most recent White House Correspondent’s Dinner.

When Carrie Fisher died, her daughter, Billie Lourd, took her late mother’s precious bulldog to live with her own French bulldog, Tina. They have been besties for years and are quite adorable together in a very yin-yang way.

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Her aunt, Joely Fisher, her mother’s half-sister, was recently taking care of Gary. She tweeted that Gary is doing well and sent a message of his love to all.

“Auntie Joely got to hang w/ @realgaryfisher today… he is happy and well cared for,” she wrote. “He sends big love 2 all his fans @carrieffisher.”

Gary was originally found in a “tragic pet store” in New York City by the Star Wars actress. Initially, she thought he was a puppy mill dog, but discovered he was not.

“He looks like he was from like a puppy mill. He’s not—everything is sort of wrong with him.”

When Fisher spoke to NPR about how she found her beloved 4-year-old dog, she explained that she quickly realized he could be a registered therapy dog to help her cope with bipolar disorder. She promptly had him certified so that he could become her traveling companion. Because of his status as a therapy dog, Carrie was able to bring Gary on the plane with her and fly anywhere in the world without any issues. Sounds like the late actress made sure his flight experiences were first class, as she told the station that she would let him sit on her chair while she sat on the floor!

“He sits with me on the plane. Frequently, he sits in the chair, and I sit on the ground.”

This is not the only time that Gary has the luxury of asking others to care for him. After he recently accepted his Best Actor Golden Globe, former Taylor Swift flame Tom Hiddleston spoke backstage to journalists about Carrie Fisher and told a little antidote about Gary, Fisher’s precious French bulldog, and his memorable evening as Gary’s rubber duck handler.

Vanity Fair reported that as a guest of the Guardian at the White House Correspondent’s Dinner, the Thor actor spent a great deal of time with the actress who will always be synonymous with Star Wars.

“Carrie Fisher was such a fighter. I spent one evening with her in Washington at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner as a guest of The Guardian. She had this indomitable spirit that was bigger than the occasion. She was a force of life.”

Soon, the Night Manager star found himself Gary’s handler, as well as the keeper of Gary’s rubber duck. Was Hiddleston offended by this task? Hardly. He felt he was the rubber duck guardian for Princess Leia.

“She was so funny. She insisted, while we were there… she was looking after her dog, Gary, and I was looking after Gary’s rubber duck, which was a rubber duck of Princess Leia.”

Were you wondering what became of Gary, Carrie Fisher’s beloved dog?

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